Parking in any of the below lots is reserved for residents of SFU Residence & Housing at the Burnaby campus.  

Lots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To avoid being ticketed and/or towed, please respect the following guidelines:  (this is not an exhaustive list - refer to SFU Parking Services Policies)

  • Only park in the parking lots applicable to your pass
  • Have your guest(s) purchase parking for other lots on campus through parking services.
  • Read and obey the signs in the parking lots


Residents can purchase a Residence Main Lot Permit, a Townhouse North Permit, a Townhouse South Permit, a Residence West Lot Permit, or the Family Housing Permit for the semester.

Long term/overnight parking is not permitted in any other SFU lot without prior authorization. 

Each lot is restricted, your permit is only valid in the lot that your permit is for. 

Prior Authorization is required, contact for authorization if you are a resident. 

Student Resident Parking Permits are available for purchase through our online system with your credit card (Visa/Mastercard only). 

Purchase a Permit


The vehicle must be registered in the resident's name or in their guardian's name.

Your pass is virtual and tied to your licence plate: please update your account if you license plate changes

Residents are expected to keep their vehicle information, contact information, and active permits up to date. 

To cancel your permit, please send an email request to

Manage your account




Rate Per Semester
*No taxes for Residents

Option 1   

Residence Main Lot;  Townhouse North (700 Lot);  Townhouse South (900 Lot)



Option 2

Residence West Lot



Option 3

Residence Family Housing (Limited)