Faculty And Staff Parking

Daily Parking

There is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby Campus; all parking is paid parking, via permit, paystation, or app.
Discounted daily parking is available through the 10 Day, FlexPass Multipack system - for those who only occasionally drive to campus. 

Note: VPP Scrips are no longer being accepted on campus. Please return them to the PSMS office for a refund. 

Staff Parking Permits

Monthly parking is available for all staff, including temporary and non-continuing positions. Faculty/Staff have preferred access to parking although location and pricing is not guaranteed. Wait lists may exist for the most desirable lots.


Monthly parking permits are automatically set as reoccurring, billed on the 1st of the month. These permits are paid in advance via Visa or Mastercard when purchased through the Online System.

Permanent and continuing staff may purchase a permit through payroll deduction via the online system as well. 

Note: All SFU permits are virtual. No physical permit will be issued. Permits are not prorated, and set based on calendar months. 

Purchase a Permit


Faculty/Staff can self-manage their parking account and permit through the online system. Update license plates, contact information, and credit card details, see past transactions and the active permit through the link below. 

Manage your Account

Staff Permit Cancellations

Faculty/Staff permits can also be cancelled through the online parking account. Note that these are not eligible for partial refunds, and must be cancelled with an effective date prior to the end of the calendar month in order to not be billed for the next month. 

Faculty/Staff on long-term leave (LTD, sabbatical, etc.) should contact Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services if they wish to “hold” their space in a restricted lot during their absence.

Accessible Parking

Faculty/Staff who require parking accommodations due to mobility issues should contact the Wellness and Recovery Office at:

Reserved Lot Parking

The majority of the Restricted Lots are full and waitlisted. To apply for the waitlist, please contact

Parking Regulations:

All permit holders are responsible for reading and abiding by the Parking Regulations; Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services both tickets and impounds vehicles found to be parked in violation.

SFU Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services operates the parking at the Burnaby Campus. Different parking regulations apply at the Surrey and Downtown Campuses.

Parking at other Universities

SFU has a reciprocal parking agreement with a number of BC Universities and Colleges. Note that only regular annual parking permits qualify for this benefit (i.e. reduced rate passes such as evening/weekend passes do not qualify).