Carpooling is an arrangement between two or more people to share a ride to/from work/school on an ongoing basis. 

Carpooling Options:
TransLink now has a partnership with two Carpooling companies: Poparide and Liftango. You must sign up using your email to ensure you are linked with the SFU community (the page might say for students but it applies to students, faculty, and staff).

We also encourage you to communicate with your co-workers and fellow students to see if there is a an opportunity to carpool with peers in your immediate area. You may want to reach out to friends or colleagues regarding carpooling or carsharing (see below) through local car share providers. Print out a map and everyone interested in carpooling can put a sticker on the map to show the general area they are commuting from. It’s a good first step in setting up a carpool.

Carpooling Safety Tips:
To ensure a safe carpooling experience, for both driver and passenger(s), we recommend you:

  • Try to arrange for a group carpool (e.g. carpool with more than one passenger).
  • Arrange for pick-up/drop-off at safe location.
  • Passengers should sit in the back seat.
  • If you are concerned about your safety, call 911.