Student Parking

Daily Parking

There is no free parking on the SFU Burnaby Campus; all parking is paid parking, via permit, paystation, or app. 

Student Permit parking


Students can purchase an Indoor Permit, an Outdoor Permit, or a Residence West Lot Permit for the semester. 

See below for applicable rates and lot maps. 

Student Parking Permits are available for purchase through our online system with your credit card (Visa/Mastercard only). 

Purchase a Permit


The new online system allows you to self-manage your parking account. 

Update your license plates, contact information, or credit card details, and see past transactions, and your active permits. 

To cancel your permit, please send an email request to

Manage your account


Rates (per Semester)


Location (Click for Map)

Pre-Tax Semester Rate

Total Semester Rate

Tier 2a

Indoor Permits
(West Parkade & South Parkade P1/P2,
& East Parking, North Parking, South Parking)



Tier 3a

Outdoor Permits
(East Parking, North Parking, South Parking)



Tier 3b  

Residence West Lot
(Residence West Lot only)



Roaming Privileges

Roaming Privileges are in effect after 4:30pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends and statutory holidays. During this time any permit holder may park in any permit lot, visitor lot, or any space not marked as disability accessible or 24 Hours Reserved. 

Vehicle Information

  • Vehicles MUST be registered to a permit before they are parked on campus. 
  • A vehicle may only be registered to one account at a time.
  • A maximum of four vehicles can be registered to a parking permit; only one vehicle may be parked with a permit on campus at a time. 
  • The permit holder is responsible for all fines issued to the license plates registered to their permit.

Parking Regulations:

All permit holders are responsible for reading and abiding by the Parking Regulations; Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services both tickets and impounds vehicles found to be parked in violation.

SFU Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services operates the parking at the Burnaby Campus. Different parking regulations apply at the Surrey and Downtown Campuses.

Resident Parking Permits

For students living on campus, please refer to Residence & Housing. Parking and Sustainable Mobility Services does not sell any permits for long term or overnight parking.