Frequently Asked Questions

Burnaby Campus


I'm driving to campus...

How do I pay for parking?


If you are only driving for the day you can pay at on-site pay stations (Visa or Mastercard only, no cash or coins accepted.) or online via the Honk Contactless Parking system (Payable with Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, or Paypal). There’s no app download required and the system should be able to recognize the lot you’re in by your current location by allowing location sharing permissions. All you have to do is sign up to register your vehicle, and purchase parking.

If you do not allow location sharing permissions, you will need to know the zone number of the parking lot you’re purchasing parking in. This information will be displayed on Honk signage in each lot with accompanying QR codes.

The Honk zone numbers are as follows: 

Central – 9350
North – 9351
East – 9352
South – 9353
South – 9354
West – 9355
Residence West – 9356

SFU Burnaby Campus parking lot map

FlexPass / Multi-day Parking

If you are driving to campus on average 1-2 days a week, your best option may be our new FlexPass multipack - with 10 daily permits for $70.00, which you can purchase here. FlexPasses can be redeemed on any day, for all day parking - expiring at midnight that day. 

The FlexPass is valid in North Parking, East Parking, South Parking, South Parkade, West Parkade and the Residence West Lot.

The FlexPass multipacks expire 12 months after the purchasing date. FlexPasses are payable by Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, and Paypal.

Can I choose which days I would like to redeem the FlexPass?

You can redeem on any day you like - just redeem a day off the pass when parking at a FlexPass valid location. No prebooking required.

Is there an option to purchase less than 10 days on the FlexPass? Or other day amounts?

No, the FlexPass only comes in 10-day passes.

Are there refunds for any unredeemed days on the FlexPass?

No, however, the FlexPass pack is valid for up to 1 year after purchase.

Can I still use my old Permit/VPP Scrips?

SFU Parking has now gone entirely virtual! No physical permits, decals, or hangtags are considered valid on campus. If you still have unused VPP scrips, you can return them to our office for a refund. 

If you used to hold a special permit such as a Campus Wide or SPL permit, please send us an email at 


If you are a student, staff, faculty member who is frequently driving to campus (3 days a week or more) your best option may be to purchase a parking permit here.
External employees can purchase permits for certain lots here.
Contractors can purchase daily, weekly, or hourly parking for the Contractor lot through the Honk contactless parking app here. For Service or Monthly permit options, please contact Find out more here.

Permit rate breakdown by lot can be found here.

You can pay for your permit online using Visa or Mastercard. Full-time, continuing Faculty and Staff also have the option to purchase via Payroll Deductions. 

For students living on campus, please see Residence and Housing for information on parking on campus.

To Residence & Housing Parking

How do I get login access to purchase permits as a student, staff, or faculty member?

You’ll need to log in using your SFU Computing ID (same as your SFU email login) which you can activate here.

Activate Your SFU Computing ID

I’m a student, how do I get a parking permit?

You can purchase a parking permit online. All you have to do is select a parking lot, register your vehicle, and pay – you will NOT receive a paper or sticker parking pass you will need to display in your vehicle.

Purchase Student Parking Permit

I’m a faculty/staff, how do I get a parking pass?

We have two options for faculty/staff permit payment – online using visa or master card, or through payroll deduction.

Although you may have applied for payroll deduction in previous terms, you WILL need to reapply for Fall 2021.

Please note: Only full-time continuing employees or anyone who has a contract and is getting paid by SFU/on SFU payroll for at least a year are eligible to go on payroll deduction for their parking permits. 

Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants or temporary employees can only purchase permits by day, month, or term.

Purchase Faculty/Staff Permit

I’m a contractor, how do I get a parking permit?

You can purchase hourly or daily parking online through the Honk contactless parking system. Weekly rates are also available within the Contractor Lot in the Maggie Benson Field. The Contractor Zone Number is 9358.

For monthly permits, please contact for more information. 

Purchase Contractor Parking through Honk Mobile

I’m an external employee, how do I purchase a parking permit?

External employees can purchase permits for certain lots through the External Portal. For lots which are Access Code restricted, please contact 

These permits are continuous, so once you have purchased your permit, you don't need to reapply.  

 Purchase External Permit

How to I update my license plate/credit card/account?

Permits purchased through the Student, and Staff/Faculty portals can be self-manged through the Accounts page in the online system. 

 Update Student, Staff, or Faculty Permit

How do I pay a parking citation?

Payment is processed through the payment portal.

To Parking Citation Payment Portal

Where do I find overflow parking?

Most parking permits are valid in more than one parking lot. The first thing you should do is check the other lots available for your permit. E.g. the Outdoor permit is valid in North Lot, East Lot, and South Lot. If the main parking lots are full, vehicles may be directed to Residence West Lot. Roadway parking may also become available if additional contingency parking is required.   

Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

There are two Level 2 EV Chargers located in each of Strand Hall Lot, East Lot, and on Nelson Way in Discovery parks.
There are 36 Level 1 EV Charges located in the 6000 Level of the West Parkade - you will need to use your own vehicle’s charging cord for these chargers.
In all cases, you will need to have paid for parking for the appropriate area. There is no additional charge for the electricity.

More Information

I require an accessible parking stall, is there a specific pass or permit for it?

There is no specific FlexPass or permit required for non-reserved accessible parking stalls, however, you will be required to have a valid SPARC card or accessible parking permit tag showing clearly on the dash or hanging in your vehicle. If you require occasional use of an accessible parking stall, simply purchase parking for the location required and park in the accessible stall on-site. 

Students requiring a Reserved disability accessible stall should first contact the Centre for Accessible Learning.

I am looking for/had a specialty lot permit, where do I purchase one?

Anyone who wants a specialty lot permit will need to contact us at and placed on a waitlist if you are eligible. If you previously had a specialty lot permit, please contact us at and we will send you an access code if you are still eligible.

I’m transiting to campus…

How do I activate my U-Pass?

  1. Sign in to the U-Pass BC website
  2. Select "Simon Fraser University" from the drop-down menu
  3. Log in using your SFU computing ID (it's the same as your SFU email login)
  4. Link your Compass Card by entering the 20-digits and CVN on the back of your Compass Card
  5. Request your U-Pass BC

Please see SFU’s U-Pass program website here.

What bus routes will be available to our campuses in September?

All transit routes will be re-instated effective Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Please see Translink’s scheduling page and trip planning page for more information.

Is there a way to tell how full a bus is ahead of time?

Translink has partnered with the Transit app to add a new feature that allows users to anticipate how many seats may be available onboard an upcoming bus.

More Information via Translink

I’m cycling to campus…

Where are safe areas to park my bike?

We have just opened a new bike cage on campus, see below for details on how to gain access.

In addition, we also have bike racks on campus.

Map of Bike Rack Locations

How do I access the bike cage?

You will need to request an application form by emailing, fill it out, and send it back. We will follow up to give you access.

Is there anywhere I can shower or change after cycling?

The SFU fitness center is available to SFU community members. Please contact them for information on showers and changing facilities.

Click here for more info.

I use the Campus Community Shuttle to get around campus…

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

Can anybody use it?


What time is the shuttle available?

Shuttle Service runs approximately every 30 minutes from 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM Monday - Friday, from the Residence West Lot to Discovery. 
More information, including a route map, can be found here.

To Campus Community Shuttle Page

What is the shuttle capacity?

The shuttle holds 24 people and is wheelchair accessible

I’m using another transportation method (Evo, Uber/Lyft, Carpool etc.) to get to campus…

Where do I find Evo parking on the Burnaby campus?

EVO car share vehicles can be found in both the West Parkade and in East Lot.

There is a MODO vehicle located in the Residence’s main parking lot, as well as a MODO vehicle located at UniverCity.

More Information

Where should I have my Lyft or Uber drop me off?

We are currently in discussion with ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft for designated drop off and pick up areas.
We are looking to create dedicated pick-up/drop-off locations at:

  • Residences
  • The Transportation Centre
  • On Nelson Way in Discovery Parks

Are any carpooling options available?

SFU has a limited carpooling program and more information can be found here. As we return to campus we will be investigating new and more comprehensive options.

Are e-scooters, electric skateboards, or other similar devices allowed on the Burnaby campus?

More information coming soon.

Surrey Campus 

I’m driving to campus…

Where can I park at Surrey Campus?

In order to alleviate searching for parking, the P3 level in the Parkade at Central City Mall is reserved for SFU permit holders only. Please note that permit holders will get a ticket if they park on a different level in the parkade.

If you are not a permit holder,  please visit this website for alternate paid parking locations

I’m a student, how do I get a parking permit?

In order to qualify for a permit, you must be registered for classes at the Surrey campus.

First, enter the lottery and then, await email instructions on how to proceed to payment.

I’m a faculty/staff, how do I get a parking pass?

Please send an email to

I’m a faculty or staff member with a Surrey campus parking permit, do I still have to purchase parking if I’m at the Burnaby campus?

For Surrey faculty/staff visiting the Burnaby campus for meetings, etc., and having purchased a Surrey parking permit, there are three (3) complimentary parking spaces on the lower level of Convocation Mall parking. You must notify our offices at so we can put your plate on file.

How do I pay citations?

Citations are issued by a third-party provider operating for the Mall management company Blackwood Properties. Citation payment information is located on the physical parking ticket.

Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

Those with SFU Permits can use the EV chargers in the Central City Mall parkade but be advised there is an extra fee for the electricity.

I’m transiting to campus…

Please see the information here.

I’m using another transportation method (Evo, Carpool etc.) to get to campus…

Can I take an Evo to the Surrey campus?

While you can take an Evo to the Surrey campus, it is outside of the designated Evo home zone thus you will not be able to end your trip and will have to continue to pay for driving minutes while parked. We additionally do not have assigned Evo parking at this campus so please keep both of these things in mind in case you end decide to use Evo as your transportation method.

Are any carpooling options available?

Yes, please click here for more info.

Vancouver Campus

I’m driving to campus…

Where can I park at Vancouver Campus?

There are no designated SFU parking facilities at the Vancouver campus, but there are many public parking garages in the area. Two of the closest garages to Harbour Centre, Segal Graduate School of Business, Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, and Goldcorp Centre for the Arts are the Imperial Parking garage at 450 West Cordova St and the Diamond Parking garage at 443 Seymour St. Both have hourly and monthly parking available.

I’m transiting to campus…

Please see the information here.

I’m using another transportation method (Evo, Carpool etc.) to get to campus…

Can I take an Evo to the Vancouver campus?

Yes, there are many parkades and street-level parking spots near the Vancouver campus with dedicated Evo spaces. 

More Information at Evo

Are any carpooling options available?

Yes, please click here for more info.