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Simon Fraser University is committed to supporting its faculty in their research and creative endeavours. The list below includes some examples of internal funding opportunities for faculty and staff.

For a full list of opportunities, please see the SFU Funding Opportunities database.

Please be advised that with the evolving global situation involving COVID-19, that SFU will be suspending its Travel Grants Program. We will send out an additional notification once the situation changes.

If you have any questions please reach out to Research Services at and we will do our best to answer.

VPR Research Travel Grants are provided for faculty in areas supported by SSHRC to attend North American (max. $900) and international (max. $2,000) conferences to present a paper (including poster presentation), to serve as a keynote speaker or in the case of faculty in the School for the Contemporary Arts, to present one’s own creative work to a peer group. There are two intakes (i.e., Pool 1 and Pool 2) annually.

Eligibility: Faculty members are considered eligible to apply for one conference every second fiscal year. Applications from "special case" applicants will be considered towards the end of the fiscal year. In the case of joint authorship, only one presenter will be funded. For more information on eligibility, please see the guidelines below.

  • POOL 1 (travel beginning April 01-August 31): Applications will be accepted from April 01 - August 31 or when funds exhausted
  • POOL 2 (travel beginning September 01-March 31): Applications will be accepted from September 01 - March 31 or when funds exhausted
  • Application guidelines and forms

Please note that funds are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The grants will remain open until funds are exhausted. Please submit your application to Research Services (

The University Publication Fund (UPF) is established under the authority of the Vice-President, Research for the purpose of providing support to faculty and staff of Simon Fraser University for their academic publications. The UPF is split into three streams.

  • The Rapid Response Publications supports a maximum of $2,000 with applications accepted all year.
  • The Single Event Publications support applications over $2,000 with an annual intake occurring between April 12th – May 13th
  • The Serial Event Publications supports applications over $2,000 with an annual intake occurring between April 12th – May 13th

For more information on these programs, please check the guidelinesPDF

  •  Single Event and Rapid Response Publications Application
    • Application Form: PDF
    • Revenue and Expense Budget Sheet: Excel (also included in Application Form) 
  • Serial Event Publications Application
    • Application Form: PDF
    • Revenue and Expense Budget Sheet: Excel (print in landscape orientation)

Please note that the UPF program is administered by Research Services and adjudicated by the Vice-President, Research and the Deans. Please submit your application to Research Services (

  • Committee Terms of Reference: PDF
  • Committee Membership: PDF

The William and Ada Isabelle Steel Fund reflects the intent of the endowment left by William and Ada Isabelle Steel for research studies into any aspect of alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

  • Application deadline: April 18 – May 18
  • Guidelines and forms
    • Guidelines: PDF
    • Checklist: PDF
    • Application Form: PDF
    • Form B -Steel Fund Completion Report: PDF

Please note that this program is funded by William and Ada Isabelle Steel Endowment, where its annual income allocation is used support this annual competition. This year’s program has $37,200 to fund any number of projects relating to alcoholism and/or drug addiction. This program is administered by Research Services and adjudicated by the Vice-President, Research. Please submit your application to Research Services (

SSHRC Small Research Grants support scholarly research in the contemporary arts, humanities and social sciences for expenses up to a maximum of $7,000. A lead applicant, together with one or more eligible coinvestigators may apply in a single application for up to a maximum of $10,000. There are two intakes (i.e., spring and fall) annually.

Please note that Contingency plans related to the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your research project may be described in this Project Description section, if appropriate. This is not mandatory, but it may assist the committee in assessing the feasibility of your proposal if your research plans are significantly disrupted, e.g., if international travel is not possible.

***New for the 2021 Intake, Chair evaluations are no longer required as part of the application process. The new application has removed this section from the application (the previous version of the application is otherwise the same and if an old version is received the chair evaluation will be removed from the application prior to being adjudicated)***

Funding for this competition is provided by the SSHRC Institutional Grants. All successful applicants must adhere to SFU and Tri-Agency guidelines. For more information, please check Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

Please note that the SSHRC Small Research Grants program is administered by Research Services under authority of the SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants Committee. Please submit applications to Research Services (

  • Committee Terms of Reference: PDF
  • Committee Membership: PDF

The France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF) "New Collaboration Support Program" provides financing for new scientific projects jointly developed by French and Canadian teams that have never worked together before. The financing is awarded to two-year projects in amounts ranging from $8,000 to $15,000, according to the needs expressed by the principal investigators. This financing is primarily intended to support the mobility of young researchers and their students.

The 2021 call for applications in now open. This application has an internal deadline (November 9, 2021) and external deadline (November 12, 2021; 23:59 PT). 

Please note that the FCRF only accepts a maximum of five proposals per institution. Should more than five applications be submitted, SFU’s Institutional Strategic Awards will oversee the selection of applications that will move forward as part of a final application process, occurring after the submission stage.

For more information please see the France Embassy website:

The SFU Open Access Fund supports SFU authors publishing in fully open access journals that charge Article Processing Charges. 

Article Processing Charges are an eligible expense for certain grants to cover the cost of open access publishing, especially when open access publishing is a requirement of the grant. SFU Library has tips for estimating these costs and sample wording to request funding in your grant proposal. See Open Access Funding and Grant Proposal for details.

Please note that this Fund is administrated by SFU Library. No SFU Signature Sheet is required.

These grants are to assist SFU faculty members who are applying for major external research grants (e.g., CFI, NCE or SSHRC MCRI or INE). Assistance may take the form of support salaries for personnel needed to prepare application materials, costs of travel required to meet with research collaborators, long-distance telephone/fax charges, etc. These grants do not fund research per se.

  • Application deadline: ongoing, no deadline
  • VPR Major Research Project Application Preparation GrantsPDF

Administered through SFU's Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD), Teaching and Learning Development Grants provide funding for SFU faculty to conduct research about teaching and learning.

Please note that these grants are administrated through the ISTLC. No SFU Signature Sheet is required.

The Scholarly Digitization Fund covers costs associated with digitizing scholarly materials. Digitization work includes scanning, creation of descriptive information, and other processing in preparation for deposit in Summit, the Library’s Research Repository, or another publicly accessible repository operated and maintained by SFU Library.

Please note that this Fund is administrated by SFU Library. No SFU Signature Sheet is required.

The Study Leave Research Grants are for any faculty member who has an approved study leave and intends to receive a grant in lieu of salary.

The purpose and object of the expenditures proposed must be warranted in the context of the proposed research. The grant may be used for all the purposes of a grant-in-aid of research, but not to supplement income. The program covers only research activities and is not intended to cover projects directed at teaching or the development of teaching related skills.

Deans and staff: For more information on the Grant's approval instructions, please refer to the first page of the Study Leave Research Grant Application, and the award template can be found here: WordPDF.

Please note that while VP Research administers Policy R 10.03, the adjudication and award of the Study Leave Research Grants occur at the faculty level. No SFU signature sheet is required.

SFU’s Community Engagement Initiative offers small grants to SFU faculty and staff to catalyze community-university impact through the practice of respectful, mutually-beneficial research, learning and creative activity. The average grant amount has been approximately $6,000 per funded initiative with projects supported each year in most faculties and in many departments. The maximum funding available is $10,000 per proposal.

The primary goal of the Initiative is to encourage the development of innovative projects that build new or deeper mutually beneficial partnerships with SFU’s communities, including non-profit organizations, industry associations, NGOs, Indigenous communities, and local, first nations, provincial and federal government departments. Proposals are requested for initiatives that advance the goals of SFU’s community engagement strategy and improve and expand SFU’s capabilities to engage with its communities through student experiential learning, knowledge mobilization and research.

  • Application deadline is March 29, 2019.
  • For more information on the guidelines and the application process, please visit

Please note that these grants are administrated through SFU's Community Engagement Initiative and not Research Services. No SFU Signature Sheet is required.

SFU/Griffith University Collaborative Travel Grants aim to expand cooperation, exchange of ideas and research collaborations between the two institutions in the areas of drug discovery, environmental sciences and environmental planning, forest ecology, forest management and climate change adaptation, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, mental health and addiction, public health, bioinformatics and genomics, big data, criminology, business, tourism, and musicology.

The Collaborative Travel Grants will normally be awarded in the range of $5,000 to $15,000 and should be directed principally at travel costs. Only those projects that involve post graduate students will be considered at the higher end of the funding range. Funding may also be used to undertake small scale projects which will provide the groundwork for larger scale external grant applications of publications in quality research outlets.

  • Application deadline: July 22 – October 4
  • Period: 18 months from award date
  • Guidelines and forms

Please note that funding for this competition is provided jointly by Simon Fraser and Griffith Universities. SFU applications are to be submitted to Research Services (

For inquiries regarding application details such as research topics, eligibility, etc., please contact Zhaoying Hu (

For inquiries on the application process, please contact Research Services (

Last updated: September 23, 2021