MA Alumni Thesis Archive

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Tod-Tims, Cahley  (A) 
“Hungry all the time”: Contemporary experiences of and perspectives on traditional food access in Inuvik  
Supervisor: Pamela Stern; Committee Member: Susan Erikson

Yamagata, Momoka  (S) 
Skilled Japanese Immigrants in Vancouver: Employment Hardships and Settlement Experiences 
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Habiba Zaman

Harvey, Dylan (S) 
The Puzzle of Personhood 
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Nicholas Blomley (Fall)

Moore, Conor (S)  
Organizing Canadian theatre designers: The intersection of creative and precarious labour 
Supervisor: Kendra Strauss; Committee Member: Lindsey Freeman (Summer)

Cooper, Shaughna (S) 
Panic! In the suburbs: Investigating moral configurations of risk, neoliberal rationality, and middle-class anxiety in Maple Ridge B.C.  
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Pamela Stern (Summer)


Vanderveer, Sarah (S) 
Pursuing equity: How women academics are challenging gender norms and (re)shaping University culture in Ghana 
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (Fall)

Smithers, Julia (A)
Living Health and Wellness: A Story of the Conversational Interview 
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (Fall)

Maslouskaya, Anna (A) Brazilian Telenovelas: Challenging the Discourse on Race and Class Inequality 
Supervisor: Kathleen Millar; Committee Member: Christopher Gibson (Fall)

Chan, Yuly (S)
Canadian Housing Policy as 'Passive Revolution' 
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Nicholas Blomley (Summer)

Dines, Brianna (A)
"The People’s Republic of Mirkwood”: Economic Subjectivity, Utopian Practice, and Play in an Intentional Community 
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Kathleen Millar (Summer)

Lennox, Rebecca (S)
Navigating the Femininity-Vulnerability Nexus: A Reconsideration of the Protective Function of Gendered “Safety Work” 
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Ann Travers (Summer)

Kamalova, Gyuzel (A)
Institutional Childhood: Negotiating Identities Post-orphanage in Kazakhstan
Supervisor: Sonja Luehrmann; Committee Member: Lindsey Freeman (Spring)

Pennell, Elena (A)
“No Somos Maquinas” (We Aren’t Machines): Emotional Dimensions of Precarious Labour in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program 
Supervisor: Kendra Strauss; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (Spring)


Davies, Katherine (S)
Conversations of Reconciliation: A Participatory Ethnographic Case Study in the United Church of Canada 
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (Fall)

Li, Henry (S)
Up in the Air:  Examining the Experiences of Chinese Mainland "Satellite Children" in Vancouver
Supervisor: Barbara Mitchell; Committee Member: Wendy Chan (Fall)

Simpson, Lindsay (A)
Studenthood: An ethnography of post-secondary student life
Supervisor: Pamela Stern; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (Fall)

Steigerwald, Andrea (A)
(Re)Negotiating Meaning, Dismantling Patriarchy: The Politics of Translation in a Bolivian, Feminist NGO 
Supervisor: Kathleen Millar; Committee Member: Gerardo Otero (Fall)

Hagman, Michelle (A)
Muslim Youths in British Columbia: The Implications of Multiculturalism for Everyday Life
Supervisor: Sonja Luehrmann; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (Spring)


Eicker, Sharlie (S)
Marriage Migrants:  American Women Navigating Immigration and Intercultural Marriage
Supervisor: Karl Froschauer; Committee Member: Sonja Luehrmann  (Fall)

Garoupa, Scott (A)
Spaces of Negotiation:  Community, governance, and pacification in Rio de Janeiro
Supervisor: Kathleen Millar; Committee Member: Michael Hathaway (Summer)

Heath, Sean (A)
Bodies in Water:  Embodiment, Social Worlds, and Fluid Motion in Competitive Age-Group Swim Clubs
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: Ann Travers;Committee Member: Nicholas Scott (Summer)

Massey, Candace (A)
Making the Breast Cancer Gene:  an Archaeology of the Translational Clinic 
Supervisor: Cindy Patton; Committee Member: Michael Hathaway (Summer)

Cuthbert, Colin (S) 
A Place to Be, A Place to Become:  An Insiders Report on Youth Integrations Programs in the Lower Mainland 
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Roumiana Ilieva (Summer)

Blustein, Jared (S)
The Ambiguity of Resistance: Civil Society Engagements with Neoliberalism 
Supervisor: Yildiz Atasoy; Committee Member: Kathleen Millar (Spring)


Ferdosi, Mohammad (S)
The Historical Development of Labour Standards 
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Kendra Strauss (summer)

Mitchell, Sarah (S)
Volunteers on the Threshold: Fragile Opportunities and Fractured Selves 
Supervisor: Kathleen Millar; Committee Member: Dany Lacombe (summer)

Rodgers, Alexandra (S)
Temporary Foreign Workers in British Columbia: Unfree Labour and the Rise of Unscrupulous Recruitment Practices 
Supervisor: Kendra Strauss; Committee Member: Habiba Zaman (fall)

Lougheed, Marion (A)
The Flipside of the World: Sound, Sleep, and Willful Unbelonging among Sailing Cruisers 
Supervisor: Jie Yang; Committee Member: Robert Menzies (fall)


McCabe, Catherine (S)
"Facebook for Kinky People": A discursive analysis of FetLife 
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Cindy Patton (summer)

Simon, Meagan (S)
Trans/gender Sincerities: A Dialogic Analysis of Four Young People's Embodied Subjectivities
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Members: Marina Morrow, Sharalyn Jordan (summer)

Zakharov, Dimitry (S)
“The First Murmurings of a Discourse”: Initial Theory Invention at the Beginning of the AIDS Epidemic
Supervisor: Cindy Patton; Committee Member: Dany Lacombe (summer)

Febres Cordero Intriago, Marisol Belén (A)
Radio beyond Voice: Understanding Community Radio Stations in Ecuador through Performance
Supervisor: Sonja Luehrmann; Committee Member: Katherine Reilly (spring)

Forman, Kathleen (A)
Navigating Income Assistance: An Ethnography of PWD (Persons with Disabilities) Applications
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (summer)


Levy, Benjamin (S)
The Prefigurative Prince: An Anarcho-Gramscian Ethnography of the Occupy Vancouver General Assembly 
Supervisor: Travers; Committee Member: John Bogardus (spring)

Mackinnon, Debra (S)
The Criminalization of Political Dissent: A critical discourse analysis of Occupy Vancouver and Bill C-309
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Robert Menzies (summer)

Weiler, Anelyse (S)
Rock stars and bad apples: Alternative food networks and precarious farm worker regimes in British Columbia 
Supervisor: Gerardo Otero; Committee Member: Hannah Wittman (summer)

Wong, Sheila (S)
Understanding Sexual Assault: The Ways in which Young Women Conceptualize Sexual Violence
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Travers (spring)

Bush, Jason (A)
Between Space and Place: Exploring Scenes of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care
Supervisor: Cindy Patton; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (fall)

Faulds, Ann C. (A)
What's Happening in the World of Older Western Women? 
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (spring)

Peterson, Theresa (A)
Hockey in the Lower Mainland: An Ethnographic Examination of Passions for a Sport
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: Travers (fall)


FreimondCarin (S)
Navigating the Stigma of Pedophilia: The Experiences of Nine Minor-Attracted Men in Canada
Supervisor: Robert Menzies; Committee Member: Ann Travers

Kim, Hye Jin (S)
Teasing Out the Compressed Education Debates in Contemporary South Korea: Media Portrayal of Figure Skater Yuna Kim 
Supervisor: Cindy Patton; Committee Member: Jie Yang (summer)

RawlinsJustin (S)
From Wheat Fields to Mass Housing: Ankara's Neoliberal Conjuncture 
Supervisor: Yildiz Atasoy; Committee Member: Eugene McCann (summer)

VukmirovichDalia (S)
Sex Trafficking Discourse and the 2010 Olympic Games 
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Robert Menzies (summer)

Yazdi, Parisa (S)
Citizenship, Belonging, Meaning and Identity: A Case Study of First-Generation Iranian Immigrants in Vancouver 
Supervisor: Cindy Patton; Committee Member: Dany Lacombe  (summer)

Hareuther, Lisa (A)
"To Keep the Memories Floating": Complexities of Memory Work
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Adrienne Burk (spring)

Nancy Bonneau (A)
Shuswap and Okanagan First Nation Root Food Protocols 
Supervisor: Marianne Ignace; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (fall)

Brown, Ryan (A)
Medicalised Birthing Discourse in British Columbia: Biopolitics, Resistance, and Affective Subjectivity
Supervisor: Jie Yang; Committee Member: Cindy Patton (fall)

Dubecky, Andrew (A)
Yes, We Can: Adult literacy, community, and development in peri-urban Oaxaca
Supervisor: Gerardo Otero; Committee Member: Kathleen Millar (fall)

Smith, Sarah (A)
“I am the Whale”: Human/Whale Entanglement in Kaikura New Zealand
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Member: Alison Gill (fall)


Hernández-Ramírez, Jesús Alejandro (S)
Columbian and Mexican Youth Migration and Acculturation Experiences: The Shaping of Identities in Metropolitan Vancouver
Supervisor: Gerardo Otero; Committee Member: Barbara Mitchell (summer)

MaduelYuval (S)
In Search of the Promised Land: The Role of Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of Transnational Israeli Migrants in Greater Vancouver
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: Barbara Mitchell  (spring)

Soltys, Jeannine (S)
Invisible and Undervalued: Understanding the Work Experiences of Women Clerical Workers in a British Columbia Cancer Centre
Supervisor: Babara Mitchell; Committee Members: Jane Pulkingham, Sharon Koehn (spring)

Hayes, Matthew (A)
Halifax Street
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Zoe Druick (summer)


Bielek, Christina (S)
From Seeds to Syndicates: Explorations in Collective Actions for Food Sovereignty and Resiliency in Guatemala
Supervisor: Hannah Wittman; Committee Member: Juanita Sundberg, UBC (fall)

Lai, Yvonne (S)
The Perceptions of Intergenerational Conflict Among Chinese Immigrant Families in British Columbia
Supervisor: Barbara Mitchell; Committee Member: Jane Pulkingham (fall)

Partridge, Kevin (S)
Not quite 'no future': The persistence of punk
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Robert Menzies (fall)

Gibb, Natalie (S)
Parallel alternatives: Chinese-Canadian farmers and the Metro Vancouver local food movement
Supervisor: Hannah Wittman; Committee Member: Gerardo Otero (summer)

Kline, Melodie (S)
Toward Food Justice in the Neoliberal Era?: A Critical Exploration of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (summer)

McKee, Pepita Elena (S)
Towards Developing A Social Impact Assessment: Involuntary Resettlement in the San Roque Dam Case, Philippines
Supervisor: Fernando De Maio; Committee Member: Michael Hathaway (summer)

Vogt, S. Christopher (S)
Practicing Creative Maladjustment: The Mental Health Political Action Group
Supervisor: Robert Menzies; Committee Member: Fernando de Maio (summer)

Zajaczkowska, Agnieszka (S)
New Paradigm, Same Dilemma: Civil Commitment Reforms in Poland (1972-1994)
Supervisor: Alison Ayers; Committee Member: Gary Teeple (summer)

Berthin, Julie (A)
'I'm just a mom that happens to be a bit younger': A qualitative study of teenage mothering in Canada
Supervisor: Jane Pulkingham; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (summer)


Forsyth, Lacey (S)
Gender, race and marriage in immigration: the spousal sponsorship appeal process in Canada 
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Dorothy Chunn (spring)

Friesen, Jay (S)
Curbing the laughter: Exploring the manifestations of dark humour in Curb Your Enthusiasm
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Cindy Patton (fall)

Garrod, Joel Z. (S)
Shared Destiny: Understanding the Relationship between National Identity and Canadian Medicare
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (fall)

Genus, Sandalia (A)
Why Gardasil? Understanding Decisions for Vaccination
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Susan Erikson (FHS) (fall)

Higgs, Joan (A)
'So Far Left, We’re Right': Bridging the Cultural Divide in California’s Stem Cell Controversy
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (spring)

Khaledi, Bardia (A)
The Colonial Present: Botanical Gardens as Sites of Nationalism, Environmentalism and Aboriginality in British Columbia
Supervisor: Michael Hathaway; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (fall)

Perry (nee Woods) , Karen-Marie Elah (A)
Nanotechnology and Health: From Boundary Object to Bodily Intervention
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (spring)


Baggiarini, Bianca (S)
Commodifying Violence: An Analysis of Wartime Rape and Private Military Corporations in Iraq
Supervisor: Yildiz Atasoy; Committee Member: Dany Lacombe (fall)

Hergesheimer, Chris (S)
Weaving Chains of grain: Exploring the stories, links and boundaries of small scale grain initiatives in Southwest British Columbia
Supervisor: Hannah Wittman; Committee Member: Michael Hathaway (spring)

Madani, Aazadeh (S)
Security, Race and Risk in the Post 9/11 Era: An Examination of the Experiences of Racialized Populations at the Canadian Border
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Dorothy Chunn (fall)

McLean, Maya (A)
Dress and Reconstruction of Tai Yai Identity in Post Khun Sa Era in Ban Thoed Thai, Northern Thailand
Supervisor: Michael Howard; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (fall)


Gayler, Emma (S)
Continuums of Worth: A Newspaper Deconstruction of Canadian Missing Women
Supervisor: Wendy Chan; Committee Member: Dorothy Chunn (fall)

Conover, Heather (S)
Crisis and/or relief? An examination of mothers' and fathers' experiences of the empty nest transition
Supervisor: Barbara Mitchell; Committee Member: Jane Pulkingham (summer)

Kemp, Eagan (S)
Under the veil of neoliberalism: Inequality, health and capabilities
Supervisor: Fernando De Maio; Committee Member: Gerardo Otero (summer)

Banks, Judy (A)
Taking Culture to Court: Anthropology, Expert Witnesses and Aboriginal Sense of Place in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia
Supervisor: Marianne Ignace; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (spring)

Dillman, Donna (A)
Donuts and Silver Dollars: The Life of Captain Frank Slim
Supervisor: Marianne Ignace; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (fall) 

Feindel, Patricia (A)
Narrating Resistance: a B.C. mother's story of disability rights activism
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Dorothy Chunn (summer)

Guigne, Francoise (A)
To Breastfeed or not to Breastfeed?: An ethnographic exploration of knowledge circulation, medical recommendations on HIV and infant feeding, and related 'good' mothering discourses in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: C Janes (summer)

Smillie, Kirsten (A)
"Talking" and "Doing": An ethnographic examination of the dialectics of "kids" sport
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (summer)


Sluggett, Bryan (S)
Creating the 'Pure' Athlete: Discourses on Steroid Use and Prohibition in Sport
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Cindy Patton (summer)

Haw, Jenny (S)
"You can't just let health care happen": Unpaid Caregiving of Brain Injured Spouses in the Context of Marketization in British Columbia
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: Jane Pulkingham (summer)

Mitchell, Kyle (S)
The Political Economy of Fresh Water: From the Commons to Corporate Enclosure
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Gerardo Otero (spring)

Morgan, Jeannie (S)
Depo-Provera and the Regulation of Indigenous Women's Reproduction
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (fall)

McLean, Amie (S)
Indigenous Education and the Post-Secondary Student Support Program: Colonial Governance, Neo-Liberal Imperatives, and Gendered Outcomes
Supervisor: Jane Pulkingham; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (summer)

Amantea, Franco (A)
Dress and Identity Among the Black Tai of Loei Province, Thailand
Supervisor: Michael Howard; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (summer)

Beno, DenaKae (A)
Where the Spirit Meets Matter: A Participatory Gaze on Collaborative Planning for a United Church Construction and Development Project
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates (fall)

Gilgunn, Meghan (A)
"Living the dream": The dialectics of being a Canadian student athlete in the United States
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: R. Gruneau (summer)

Kamal, Saydia (A)
Local Bacteria, Transnational Laboratory: The Politics of Cholera Research in Bangladesh
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Cindy Patton (summer)

Nagai, Chiho (A)
Intertwining Gazes and Voices: Representational Practices of Minoritarian Filmmakers in Vancouver
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: J. Levitin (fall)

Piovesan, Kathleen (A)
Studying Social Work: Neoliberalism, Institutional Ethnography and a Program of Undergraduate Social Work Education
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (spring)


Albert, Marika (S)
Challenging the Family Wage Ideal: Understanding the Changes to Child Employment Standards in British Columbia
Supervisor: Yildiz Atasoy; Committee Member: Gary Teeple (fall)

Carley, Stephen (S)
A Trojan Horse for Corporate Change: A Sociological Examination of Shareholder Activists' Ability to Moderate the Profit Motive
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (spring)

Crosby, Wayne (S)
The Challenge of Developing Sustainability in Tierra del Fuego: Environmentalist Contestation of the Rio Condor Forestry Project in Chile
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (spring)

Grove, Susan (S)
Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and the Theory of Political-Cultural Formation
Supervisor: Gerardo Otero; Committee Member: Dany Lacombe (spring)

Huxtable, David (S)
The Failing Strategy of International Trade Unionism
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Mark Leier (fall)

Vallieres, Lucie (S)
Disciplining Pedestrians? A Critical Analysis of Traffic Safety Discourse
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: Wendy Chan (fall)

Andersen, Barbara (A)
Virtually biosocial: IBD Patienthood and Community in Cyberspace
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (spring)

Rubuliak, Deena (A)
Seeing People Through the Trees: Community-Based Ecotourism in Northern Thailand
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates; Committee Member: Michael Howard (fall)


Barker, David (S)
The Transnational Identities and Ethnocultural Capital of Zainichi Residing in Vancouver, Canada
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (spring)

Morgan, Meeka (S)
Making Connections with Secwepemc Family through Storytelling: A Journey in Transformative Rebuilding
Supervisor: Marianne Ignace; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (fall)

Parusel, Sylvia (S)
Employment Training and Women Methadone Clients: En/countering Neoliberal Discourse
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: Ann Travers (spring)


Burger, Anne (S)
The Communist Party of Canada During the Great Depression: Organizing and Class Consciousness
Supervisor: Gary Teeple; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (summer)

Campbell, Allison (S)
Punishment Through Exclusion: Ruling Relations and Maximum Security in the Creating Choices Era
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: L. Elliott (summer)

Noel, Tanya (S)
Gender Equity and Physical Education in BC: Re-Thinking Feminist Debates on Co-Educational versus Single-Sex Classes
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: Ann Travers (summer)

Ashley, Sean (A)
Exorcising with Buddha: Palaung Buddism in North Thailand
Supervisor: Michael Howard; Committee Member, Michael Kenny (spring)

Cranmer, Myrna (A)
Dis-Guise of Anthropology
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (spring)

McFadyen, Lori (A)
Voices From the Street: An Ethnographic Study of Children Who Live and Work on the Streets of New Delhi
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: H. Zaman (spring)


Bennet, Darcie (S)
Neo-Liberal Governance and the Single Mother’s Standpoint: The Case of British Columbia’s “New Era”
Supervisor: Jane Pulkingham; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (spring)

Hornstein, Sarah (S)
Canadian Public Space, Racialized Minorities, and the Media: Exploring Coverage of Dr. Sunera Thobani’s October 1 st , 2001 Speech
Supervisor: Ann Travers; Committee Member: Parin Dossa (summer)

Van der Gaag, Tanya (S)
Available But Not Accessible: The Tripartite System of Maternity and Parental Leave Provision in Canada
Supervisor: Jane Pulkingham; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (fall)

Chambers, Natalie (A)
Seeking Validation: Staff Accounts of Indian Residential Schooling
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (summer)

Griffin, Angela (A)
The Historical Background of the Oblates of the Most Holy Mary Immaculate's Residential Schools Connections in British Columbia from 1850 to 1990 and How Do the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada Respond to the Current Debates Concerning the Modern Impact of Residential Schooling on Aboriginal People in British Columbia?
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (summer)

Nieoczym, Adrian  (A)
Globalization, Tourism and the Commodification of Imagination: An Ethnography of Backpacking
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (fall)

Waldern, Barbara (A)
Resistance of Research in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (summer)

Warnar-Brown, Amy (A)
Wide Open Sex Shows: Campaigns against Lap Dancing in 1990s Toronto
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (summer)


Livingston, Kim (S)
Urban Social Movements: Urban Renewal and Neighbourhood Mobilization in Vancouver during the 1960s and ‘70s
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: Marilyn Gates (summer)

Chabot, Catherine (A)
"Knowing What we Need to Heal:  The Use of Alternative Therapies by People with Mental Health Issues"
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: S. Wendell (summer)

Henriksen, Krista (A)
"Alien Encounters: A Close Analysis of Personal Accounts of Extraterrestrial Experiences"
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (fall)

Norlen, Kelly-Rae (A)
"The Master’s Tools: Film, Representation, and the Negotiation of Aboriginality"
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (summer)

Rajnovich, Elizabeth (A)
"Having the 'Best' Cancer:  An Examination of Women’s Experiences  with Thyroid Cancer"
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Ellen Gee (summer)


Anderson, Sarah (S)
Liberalization Through Language: The Changing Gender Imagery in the Anglican Church of Canada Since 1938
Supervisor: Arlene McLaren; Committee Member: D. Grayston (fall)

Dorogi, Daniel (S)
Comparative Historical Cultural Inquiry: A Multidisciplinary Methodology
Supervisor: John Whitworth; Committee Members: Ellen Gee, D. Cousineau (spring)

Kinoshita, Aoi (S)
Negotiating Identities: Experiences of Japanese Female Students in Vancouver Homestay Settings
Supervisor: P. Dossa; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (spring)

Guno, Marcia (A)
In the Spirit of Sharing: Honoring First Nations Educational Experiences
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (spring)

Li, Fabiana (A)
From Awareness to Action? The Political Ecology of Nascent Environmentalism in a Peruvian Smelter Town
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates; Committee Member: Karl Froschauer (summer)

Malange, Cara-Lee (A)
Political Motherhood: Women’s Struggles to Fight Violence in Guatemala
Supervisor: Marilyn Gates; Committee Member: Arlene McLaren (fall)

Markey, Nola (A)
Data ‘Gathering Dust’:  An Analysis of Traditional Use Studies conducted within Aboriginal Communities in British Columbia
Supervisor: Marianne Ignace; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (spring)

Pope, Neil (A)
Dissociative Trance Disorder: An Anthropological Case Study of the Place of Culture in Psychiatric Diagnosis
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (fall)

Siregar, Leonard (A)
The Impact of Tourism on Minority Peoples in Northern Vietnam: Case Studies from Mai Chau and Sa Pa Districts and The Impact of Tourism on the Palaung of Pang Dang Nai, Northern Thailand
Supervisor: Michael Howard; Committee Member: Michael Kenny (summer)

Tudor, Tara (A)
The Politics of Reproduction: Childbirth, Health Care and Culture in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Stacy Pigg (summer)


Algie, Richard (S)
New Right Hegemony in Canada: Ideological Influences on Parties, Perceptions and Policies
Supervisor: Karl Froschauer; Committee Member: Gerardo Otero (spring)

Borutski, Rose Marie (S)
The Social Construction of Anger in Interest-Based Mediation
Supervisor: Michael Kenny; Committee Members: R. Anderson, E. Elliott, M. Lang (summer)

Podlog, Leslie (S)
Perceptions of Success and Failure among University Athletes in Canada
Supervisor: Noel Dyck; Committee Member: R. Gruneau (summer)

White, Peter (S)
Intersextions, A Gentleman's Guide: Racialization, Sex Tourism and the Global Tourism Industry
Supervisor: Dany Lacombe; Committee Member: S. Thobani (summer)

Byers, Meaghan (A)
More than Meets the Eyes: Women’s Narratives of Their Experience of an Eating Disorder
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (fall)

La Berge, Corey (A)
Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS): a Technology of Social Relations
Supervisor: Stacy Pigg; Committee Member: Dara Culhane (spring)

Ryan, Shannon (A)
The Many Directions of Four Stories: Aboriginal Women's Experiences Living with Addictions and HIV/AIDS
Supervisor: Dara Culhane; Committee Member: Noel Dyck (summer)

Wilson, Erika (A)
Navigating Competing Discourses: Narratives of Womanhood in Bamako, Mali
Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Jane Pulkingham (summer)