SA in the news

Research in the News

What are current SA students up to?

Here are a few projects our students are involved in:

  • Two SA undergraduates have started The Mountain Talks, a podcast where they "seek to understand our lives through the power of social science."
  • For his joint SA honours thesis, Alex Betsos is studying an online forum for people who use experimental drugs. Learning about these communities can help us predict what potentially dangerous drugs might appear on the streets in the future.
  • How is the growing use of computers in the workforce affecting employment prospects for young adults? Read about this and other topics in SASU's undergraduate journal, coming out in late 2016!

Attention Undergrads! Have you written a paper, or are you conducting research or working on a project that you're excited about? Think other majors or prospective majors might be interested in it? Let us know by emailing, and maybe it'll end up here!

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