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Anthropology Students Top Winners in a North American Competition on Storytelling

November 17, 2022

We wish to congratulate 16 Public Anthropology Award Winners in Professor Bascom Guffin's SA 101 (Introduction to Anthropology) classes.  The competition involved over 1,000 students from sixteen North American Schools. 

The award winners are:

Dena Yazdaniha, Miranda Brertton, Paneet Pada, Valeria Santos Garcia, Seamus Twyman, Stella Laurino, Ekeesha Manhas, Eshe Shah, Chloe Tran, Tyanna Nguyen, Alexia Tudorica, Jagoda Cala, Emily Ngo, Cathy Zhang, Madeleine Meech, and Anthony Timoffee

To see their award-winning stories, click here:

In the words of Bascom Guffin, “I was happy with how our students did, as they over performed in comparison with other schools, both in terms of the number of certificate winners and in terms of the scores given for all the students in the class. The stories are evaluated by their peers in the other schools that participate, so it's especially pleasing to see how they did.”