Cindy Patton

Professor Emeritus
Sociology & Anthropology


Dr. Cindy Patton, Professor Emeritus, received her PhD in Communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1992.  Dr. Patton joined the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in May of 2003 as Canada Research Chair in Community, Culture, and Health. She is an Associate Member in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.  Dr. Patton has worked in health research for four decades.  She has published work in the areas of: social study of medicine (especially AIDS); social movement theory; gender studies; and media studies.


PhD (Communications), University of Massachusetts
MTS (Master of Theological Studies, Applied Theology, Women's Studies), Harvard University
BA (Anthropology & Economics), Appalachian State University

Areas of Interest

Social study of medicine health, especially social aspects of AIDS; bioethics; the history of sexuality; continental theory; research design, especially mixed methods; and Taiwan studies.

Select Publications


Awards & Funding

  • Winship Distinguished Research Professor, Emory University, 1999-2002
  • Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, Emory University, 1997, 1998
  • Using a System Analytic Approach to Living (SynAL) with Chronic Diseases
    Scott Lear (Health Sceinces), Miriam Rosin (Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology), Nadine Schuurman (Geography), and Andrew Wister (Gerontology).
  • Community Health Solutions Institute with Scott Lear and Andrew Wister
  • Centre for the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health with Marina Morrow
  • SSHRC Accidental Community
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton
    Collaboration: Mary Stuart Petty, Susan Cadell
    Institutions of Co-Investigators: St Paul's Hospital
    2005 -2008
  • MSFHR Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
    Senior Scholar Award in Population Health
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton (SFU) 
  • CRC Canada Research Chairs
    Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Community, Culture and Health
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton (SFU)
  • SSHRC Public Access Homelessness Research Library
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton (SFU)
    Co-Investigators: Lynn Copeland (SFU - Dean of Libraries)
  • SSHRC - Pilot Tools Project 
    Tools to Analyze Health
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton (SFU) 
  • CIHR
    A mixed-method approach for analyzing and reducing health disparities that are embedded in social and behavioral practices
    Principal Investigator: Cindy Patton
    Co-Investigator: Marky Tyndall, Carl Schwartz (UBC)
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
    INTEGRATE: Inderdisciplinary Team Generating Research on Complex Patients to Develop Innovative Solutions
    Joint Investigator: Cindy Patton
    Collaboration: Adeera Levin (St Paul's Hosp/UBC)

Currently Teaching

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