Suzanna Crage

University Lecturer, Sociology
Sociology & Anthropology


Dr. Suzanna Crage earned degrees in Microbiology (BS), Psychology (BA) and Mass Communication (MA) before going to Indiana University to obtain a PhD in Sociology. Prior to joining SFU she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. She has taught courses on the Sociology of Culture, Immigration in Europe and in the US, and Problems and Controversies in Higher Education. She also enjoys introducing students to the content and practice of sociology by teaching Introduction to Sociology and courses on how to conduct social science research. Her own research focuses on the intersections of culture and policymaking. This is reflected in her work on refugee and asylum policy in Germany, and her work on the ways consumerism may be affecting attitudes toward higher education. She is interested in how changes in attitudes among undergraduate students and changing expectations of students affect teaching approaches and outcomes.

Dr. Crage is part of the first pilot of the university’s new model for online course delivery.  Read the news article here (Sept 2019). 

Areas of Interest 

International and comparative research on the sociology of culture and political sociology; developments in higher education and student culture, immigration and asylum, national identity, Germany and the European Union