Summer 2022

Course Title Instructor
SA 101 D100 Introduction to Anthropology (A) Natasha Ferenczi
SA 150 D100 Introduction to Sociology (S) Kyle Willmott
SA 150 OL01 Introduction to Sociology (S) Dany Lacombe
SA 201W D100 Anthropology and Contemporary Life (A) Natasha Ferenczi
SA 203 C100 Violence in War and Peace (SA)
SA 250 D200 Introduction to Sociological Theory (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 304 D100 Social Control (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 316 C100 Tourism and Social Policy (S)
SA 326 E100 Food, Ecology and Social Thought (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 327 D100 Sociology of Knowledge (S) . Travers
SA 335 D100 Gender Relations and Social Issues (S) Michelle Walks
SA 350 D100 Classical Sociological Thought (S) . Travers
SA 355 OL01 Quantitative Methods (S) Katherine Watson
SA 356W D100 Ethnography and Qualitative Methods (SA) Natasha Ferenczi
SA 358 C100 The Philosophy of the Social Sciences (S)
SA 365 D100 Selected Regional Areas (A) (Science in Asia) Michael Hathaway
SA 388 D100 Comparative Studies of Minority Indigenous Peoples (A) Michael Hathaway
SA 418 D100 Global Health: Humanitarian Encounters (A) Stacy Pigg
SA 420 C100 Sociology of Aging (S)
SA 496 D100 Directed Readings in Anthropology (A)
SA 497 D100 Directed Readings in Sociology (S)
SA 499 D100 Honours Essay (SA)
SA 499 D200 Honours Essay (SA)