Area of Research

Email Address

Bercovitz, Ian
Statistical Consulting Service, SFU
Applied statistical analysis and methodology, teaching statistical consulting to SFU graduate students, statistical consulting for internal and external clients, managing and training research assistants in the Big Data Hub at SFU. stat_scs at
Bornn, Luke
Zelus Analytics
Statistics in Sports lbornn at
Braun, John
University of British Columbia-Okanagan
Computational statistics with applications to fire science, statistical process control, statistical education john.braun at
Burkett, Kelly 
University of Ottawa
Statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology kburkett at
Campbell, Dave 
Carleton University
Computational statistics, Bayesian algorithms, probabilistic numerics, deep learning, image and text processing, dynamic systems dac5 at  
Chipman, Hugh 
Acadia University
Industrial statistics, Bayesian methods, statistical learning, statistical computing hugh.chipman at  
Danielson, Aaron Insurance Company of British Columbia Applications in natural and social science, natural language processing, causal inference, multi-target models  adaniels at  
Dean, Charmaine 
University of Waterloo
Spatial statistics, survival analysis, joint outcome modelling, environmetrics, forest fire analysis, spatio-temporal epidemiology
dean at
Gill, Paramjit
University of British Columbia-Okanagan
Sports statistics, round robin models, spatio-temporal modelling paramjit.gill at
Guan, Tianyu
Brock University
Sports analytics, functional data analysis, machine learning and data science
tguan at
Guttorp, Peter
University of Washington
Use of stochastic models in scientific applications in hydrology, atmospheric science, geophysics, environmental science, and hematology peter at
Joy, Ruth 
SMRU Canada Ltd
Integrating marine ecology into space time models, impact assessment rjoy at  
Joanna Lubieniecka
Ruhr University, Germany
Interests focus on finding genetic factors that can explain a diseased phenotype in patients for whom standard testing did not reveal any known genetic aberrations. Statistical modeling that includes testing for effect of gene-environment interaction. Joanna.Lubieniecka at  
Nathoo, Farouk 
University of Victoria
Neuroimaging statistics, Bayesian methods, high-dimensional data, statistical modelling and computation nathoo at
Rosychuk, Rhonda
University of Alberta
Disease cluster detection, stochastic processes, large administrative databases rhonda.rosychuk at
Yuan, Yan
Alberta School of Public Health
Biostatistical methods, statistical prediction, cancer epidemiology
health services research, functional data analysis
yyuan at
Zwiers, Francis
University of Victoria
Statistical climatology, climate change detection, climate modelling, analysis of extremes fwzwiers at