GRADUATE THESES 1980s and Prior

Semester Student Degree Thesis/Project Supervisor
1989-2 Guan, Y. M.Sc. Analysis of Data Concerning the Reduction of a Mosquito Population using Nematodes L. Weldon
1989-2 Lee, S.H. M Sc. Using the stukel model to analyze basketball data T. Swartz
1989-1 Karircioglu, K.K. M.Sc. An application of the Cox proportional hazards model to prostatic cancer survival data D. Eaves
1989-1 Butler, K. M Sc. The use of paired-comparison and regression methods to analyze sports data M. Stephens
1988-3 Chen, Y.T. M.Sc. The effect of native and laboratory salinity levels on seed germination of carex lyngbyei Eaves D. Eaves
1988-2 Kong, Y.C. M Sc. A statistical study of spectral sensitivity in the onion fly. R. Routledge
1988-1 Mohamed, J. M.Sc. A Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Bzd in the Prevention and Management of Oral Mucositis L. Weldon
1987-3 Mogadam, A.M.R. M.Sc. Menstrual cycle and endurance training in ovulatory women D. Eaves
1987-3 Chen, Ge Mai M Sc. Identifying prognostic factors of stage I malignant melanoma M. Stephens
1987-3 Lacaya, E. M Sc. Predicting tree volumes without taper curves R. Routledge
1987-2 Lau, H.F.A. M.Sc. Some multinomial data models D. Eaves
1986-3 Thomas, B.W. M.Sc. Two case studies in model fitting D. Eaves
1986-2 Enright, O.L. M.Sc. Three case studies in data analysis D. Eaves
1986-2 Meester, S. M Sc. Testing for normally distributed errors in block design experiments R. Lockhart
1986-2 Ng, S. M Sc. Statistical analysis of Bluegill Sunfish data using linear logistic regression R. Lockhart
1986-1 Croal, J. M Sc. Testing for normality in linear regression an dautoregressive time series models M Stephens.
1985-2 Choudhury, A.H. M.Sc. Regression analysis procedures with higher order moving average errors D. Eaves
1985-1 McLaren, G Ph D. Some contributions to goodness-of-fot M. Stephens
1983-1 Mah, C. M Sc. Time series analysis: A review of time domain theory with implications for non-linear time series modelling C. Villegas
1983-2 McLaren, C.G. M.Sc. Estimation of variance components in linear models C. Villegas
1983-1 Hutchinson, D. M Sc. Modern developments in Chi-Square goodness-of-fit testing R. Lockhart
1981-1 Janicot, L. M Sc. Large Sample properties of the cox technique in survival time analysis R. Lockhart
1980-2 Spinelli, J. M Sc. Regression and EDF tests of fit M. Stephens
1978-1 Chen, T. L. M Sc. Normal Approximations to posterior distributions C. Villegas
1977-3 Towson, K. M Sc. Inner inference in bayesian multivariate normal discrimination C. Villegas
1973-1 Werner, A. M Sc. The errors in variables model: Estimation of the linear structural relation C. Villegas
1971-3 Isaacs, M.H. M Sc. Full rank extrapolation theory D. Eaves
1970-2 Waterman, A.G. M Sc. The estimation of probability destiny functions R. Rennie