Graduate Theses

Below is a list of the theses produced by graduate students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.






2023-1 Yaning Zhang MSc Dimension Reduction Methods with Application in Automobile Insurance Y. Lu  
2022-3 Elijah Cavan MSc NHL Aging Curves Using Functional Principle Component Analysis T. Swartz & J. Cao  
2022-3 Carla Louw MSc Post-Selection Inference in Cox Proportional Hazards Models R. Lockhart  
2022-3 Wenyuan Zhou MSc A Complete Framework for Modelling Defined Benefit Pension Plans J. Bégin & B. Sanders
Ryker Moreau MSc Valuation of NHL Draft Picks using Functional Data Analysis H. Perera & T. Swartz
2022-3 Lucas (Yifan) Wu
PhD Soccer Analytics T. Swartz  
2022-3 Shaun McDonald PhD Novel Approaches to Uncertainty Quantification in Nonparametric Settings D. Campbell  
2022-2 Luyao Lin
Emulation and Calibration of Computer Models with Unknown Constraints D. Bingham  
2022-2 Youwei Yan MSc Modeling the Multi-Peak Structure of the Solar Cycle D. Stenning  
2022-2 Lei Chen
MSc On the calculation of risk measures for variable annuities with guaranteed benefits Y. Lu  
2022-2 Jacob (Xuankang) Zhu
MSc Efficient learning algorithms for classification of data by a nonlinear decision boundary D. Estep  
2022-2 Hasan Nathani
MSc Exploring Associations of Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function Measures with Occupational Exposures for the Canadian Obstructive Lung Disease (COLD) Study C. Tsai  
2022-2 Mandy Yao MSc Effect of Stochastic Model Error on the Convergence and Accuracy of Markov Chains D. Estep  
2022-1 Zayed Shahjahan
MSc Bayesian Variable Selection in Regression with Genetics Application J. Graham  
2022-1 Menqi (Molly) Cen
MSc A PDE-Based Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Event Spread, with Application to Covid-19 Infection J. Hu  
2022-1 Wen Tian (Wendy) Wang
MSc Selection Between Variance-Optimal and Bias-Optimal Designs when Some Two-Factor Interactions are Important B. Tang  
2022-1 Yazdi Faezeh
Fast Deep Gaussian Process Modeling and Design for Large Complex Computer D. Bingham  
2022-1 Winfield Chen
Towards efficient population-level genome-wide association studies L. Elliott  
2021-3 Kangyi (Ken) Peng
MSc Bayesian Approaches for Critical Velocity Models T. Swartz & G. Parker
2021-3 Xueyi (Wendy) Xu
MSc A Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for the Estimation of CBD-Type Models B. Sanders  
2021-3 Christina Nieuwoudt PhD Simulation and Statistical Methods for Family-Based Sequencing Studies  J. Graham  
2021-2 Yige (Vivian) Jin MSc Numerical Approximation Algorithms for Pension Funding J.F. Bégin  
2021-2 Peter Tea MSc The Analysis of Serve Decisions in Tennis using Bayesian Hierarchical Models T. Swartz  
2021-2 Louis Arsenault-Mahjoubi MSc On the Bayesian Estimation of Jump-Diffusion Models in Finance J.F. Bégin  
2021-2 Cheng-Yu Sun PhD Factorial Designs under Baseline Parameterization and Space-filling Designs with Applications to Big Data  B. Tang  
2021-2 Xuefei (Gloria) Yang MSc Covariance-adjusted, Sparse,Reduced-Rank Regression with Adjustment for Confounders B. McNeney  
2021-2 Charith Karunarathna PhD Sequence Clustering for Genetic Mapping of Binary Traits J. Graham  
2021-1 Lisa McQuarrie MSc Autoregressive Mixed Effects Models and an Application to Annual Income of Cancer Survivors R.Altman  
2021-1 Yunwei Tu MSc Post-selection Inference R.Lockhart
2021-1 Nikola Surjanovic MSc An Efficient Approach to Pruning Regression Trees Using a Modified Bayesian Information Criterion T. Loughin
2020-3 Renny Doig MSc Efficient Bayesian parameter inference for COVID-19 transmission models L.Wang
2020-3 Dylan Maciel MSc Systematic Comparison of Designs and Emulators for Computer Experiments Using a Library of Test Functions D.Bingham
2020-3 Cherie Ng MSc A Flexible Group Benefits Framework for Pricing Deposit Rates J.F. Bégin
2020-3 James Thomson
MSc Contextual Batting and Bowling in Limited Overs Cricket G.Perera
2020-2 Gabriel Phelan
MSc New Perspectives on Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Grouped Topic Models
D. Campbell
2020-2 Jacob Mortensen PhD Statistical Methods for Tracking Data in Sports L. Bornn
2020-2 Yi Xiong PhD
Statistical Analysis of Event Times with Missing Origins Aided by Auxiliary Information, with Application to Wildfire Management J. Hu
2020-2 Shufei Ge PhD Statistical Machine Learning in Computational Genetics L. Wang
2020-2 Fei Mo MSc Understanding Jump Dynamics Using Liquidity Measures J.F. Bégin
2020-2 Tainyu Guan PhD Some new methods and models in functional data analysis J. Cao
2020-2 Haiyang (Jason) Jiang MSc Understanding and Estimating Predictive Performance of Statistical Learning Methods based on Data Properties T. Loughin
2020-2 Nathan Sandholtz PhD Modeling human decision-making in spatial and temporal systems L. Bornn
2020-2 Zhiyang (Gee) Zhou PhD Supervised Basis Functions Applied to Functional Regression and Classification R. Lockhart
2020-2 Matthew Reyers MSc Quarterback Evaluation in the National Football League T. Swartz
2020-2 Jie (John) Wang MSc Bayesian logistic regression with the local bouncy particle sampler for COVID-19 L. Wang
2020-1 Matt Berkowitz MSc A Bivariate Longitudinal Model for Psychometric Data R. Altman
2020-1 Megan Kurz MSc Statistical analysis of multi-type recurrent events, with application in opioid use disorder studies J. Hu
2020-1 Siyuan Chen MSc Approximate Marginal Likelihoods for Shrinkage Parameter Estimation in Penalized Logistic Regression Analysis of Case-Control Data B. McNeney
2020-1 Sihan (Echo) Cheng MSc An application of clustering methods to improving forecasting performances of mortality models C. Tsai
2020-1 Barinder Thind MSc Functional Neural Networks for Scalar Prediction J. Cao
2020-1 Neil Faught MSc Assessing the performance of an open spatial mark recapture method on grizzly bear populations when age data is missing. S. Thompson
2020-1 Kanav Gupta MSc Optimal Investment and Consumption Strategy for a Retiree Under Stochastic Force of Mortality J.F. Bégin
2020-1 Dani Chu MSc Foul Accumulation in the NBA T. Swartz

Projects and Theses From Previous Years