Semester Student Degree Thesis Supervisor
1999-3 Macleod, C. M.Sc. Estimation of Age Specific Pupping Probabilities of the Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus C. Schwarz
1999-2 Zhang, L. M.Sc. Accident rate estimation from a short time window - application to unscheduled aircraft landings. L. Weldon
1999-2 Wu, C. Ph.D. The effective use of complete auxiliary information from survey data. R. Sitter
1999-2 Paltiel, C. M.Sc. An analysis of the 1994-1996 Northern Strait of Georgia Oyster Survey C. Schwarz
1999-2 Macnab, Y. Ph.D. Spatio-temporal modeling of Rates. C. Dean
1999-1 Bingham, D. Ph.D. Design and Analysis of Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Experiments. R. Sitter
1998-3 Thompson, D. M.Sc. An Examination of the Effect of Grouping on lifetime Data Analysis under a Weibull Assumption. C. Dean
1998-3 Ghahramani, M. M.Sc. Simultaneous modelling of long- and short-term survival after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. C. Dean
1998-2 Han, H.H. M.Sc. Measurement-Error Bias Correction in Spawner- Recruitment Relationships. R. Routledge
1998-1 Taylor, C. M.Sc. A review of the BC vegetation resources inventory sampling design and the proposed estimators. C. Schwarz
1997-3 Balshaw, R. Ph.D. Analysis of Recurrent Event Data. C. Dean
1997-3 Kalbfleish, H. M.Sc. Variance estimating for sampling on two occasions. R. Sitter
1997-1 Lui, P. M.Sc. Analysis of Real Estate Data Using Repeat Sales. T. Swartz
1997-1 Butler, K. Ph.D. Some Problems in Paired Comparisons and Goodness-of-Fit for Logistic Regression. R. Lockhart
1997-1 Brownwell, S. M.Sc. Analysis of Competing Risk Survival Data when some failure types are missing with application to a cohort of transfusion-related HIV data. R. Routledge
1996-3 Sutherland, J. M.Sc. An Analysis of the 1994 Red Sea Urchin Survey. C. Schwarz
1996-2 Sun, K. M.Sc. An Analysis of Turtle Hatching Data. C. Schwarz
1996-2 Perera, C. Ph D. Statistical Analysis of Thermoluminescene Experiments for Sedimentary Dating. R. Lockhart
1996-1 Rajwani, K. M.Sc. Adjusting the missed tags in salmon escapement surveys. C. Schwarz
1995-2 Banneheka, S. Ph D. Statistical theory for hydroactoustic and mark-recapture estimation of fish populations R. Routledge
1995-2 Rae, S. M.Sc. A comparison of clock scoring approaches for dementia screening in an elderly population. C. Dean
1995-2 Tsao, Min Ph D. Asymptotic and numerical methods for approximating distributions R. Routledge
1995-2 Yu, J. M.Sc. Local and global empirical Bayes estimates of infant mortality rates for the local health areas in British Columbia. C. Dean
1995-1 Ma, L. M.Sc. Analysis of the Bone Metastases Data Set C. Schwarz
1995-1 Cheng, S. M.Sc. Analysis of the Metastatic Liver Tumor Data Set C. Schwarz
1994-3 Hu, X. M Sc. Machine recognition of handwritten numerl using discriminant analysis R. Lockhart
1994-2 Kristiansen, L. M.Sc. An analysis of the timing of the age at home leaving for young Canadian adults. C. Dean
1994-2 Zhan, M. M.Sc. Inference in segmented Polynomial models, with an application to swimming performance data on rainbow trout. C. Dean
1994-2 Grunwald, H. M.Sc. Structural modelling of the human vertical jump N/A
1994-1 Coronel-Brizio, H. Ph D. Regression tests of fit and some comparisons. M. Stephens
1994-1 Spinelli, John Ph D. Cramer-von mises statistics for discrete distributions M. Stephens
1994-1 Yu, J-D M.Sc. Genetic and Morphometric Characteristics of Eastern White Pine L. Weldon
1993-2 Deng, G. M.Sc. Empirical Bayes analysis of mortality data in British Columbia. C. Dean
1993-2 Zhong, Y. M.Sc. Seasonal Abundance and Habitat Preference of Red Rock Crabs L. Weldon
1993-1 Mwangi, J.N. M.Sc. Yield comparison of potato varieties and fertilizer types and estimation of fertilizer level effect D. Eaves
1993-1 Waweru, J. M Sc. A Statistical analysis of the african armyworm moth (spodoptera exempta in the rich valley province of Kenya R. Lockhart
1992-2 Nasila, J. M Sc. Analysis of light response data E. Swartz
1992-2 Perera, C. M Sc. Estimation and tests of fit for two component weibull mixtures R. Lockhart
1992-2 Wu, J. M Sc. Proportional logistic regression analysis of a forestry data set R. Lockhart
1992-2 Wong, C. M.Sc. Diagnostics and influence measures in regression. C. Dean
1991-3 Chen, Ge Mai Ph D. Empirical processes Based on Regression Residuals Theory and Applications R. Lockhart
1991-3 Ma, S. M Sc. Analysis of root data T. Swartz
1991-3 Banneheka, B.M.S.G. M Sc. A statistical analysis of kingbird nest predation T. Swartz
1991-3 Chen, W. M Sc. An analysis of bowling scores and handicap systems   Abstract T. Swartz
1991-2 Bassily, E.L. M.Sc. Estimating the optimum growth conditions using Box-Cox transformation and generalized linear modelling D. Eaves
1991-2 Cai, Ying M Sc. A statistical analysis of some anthropometric data R. Lockhart
1991-1 Chen, Xiuqing M Sc. Statistical analysis of data conerning arterial lesions in steelhead trout. R. Routledge
1990-3 Zheng, Y.Y. M.Sc. Analysis of the effect of soil sterilization on onion white rot D. Eaves
1990-2 Susanto, R. M Sc. Can modified gillnets catch salmon without catching steelhead? R. Routledge