Semester Student Degree Thesis 
2009-3 Zhang, Ting (Iris) M.Sc. Integer-Valued Autoregressive Processes with Dynamic Heterogeneity and their Applications in Automobile Insurance    Y. Lu
2009-3 Falkenberg, Jillian M.Sc. Assessing Longevity Risk with Generalized Linear Array Models    G. Parker
2009-3 Min, Jeong Eu M.Sc. A statistical method for high-throughput screening of predicted orthologs   J. Graham
2009-3 Goh, Joslin M.Sc. Optimal Fractional Factorial Split-plot Designs for Model Selection    D. BIngham
2009-3 Qu, Conghui (Flora) M.Sc. Multiple Hypothesis Testing Procedures with Applications to Epidemiologic Studies    J. Graham
J. Spinelli
2009-3 Zhao, Lihui Ph.D. Multi-state Processes with Duration-dependent Transition Intensities: Statistical Methods and Applications    J. Hu
2009-2 Wu, Donghong M.Sc. Searching for Optimal Orthogonal Arrays for Estimating Main Effects and Some Specified Two-factor Interactions    B. Tang
2009-2 Chen, Jingyu (Jayla) M.Sc. The Discounted Penalty Function and the Distribution of The Total Dividend Payments in a Multi-threshold Markovian Risk Model    Y. Lu
2009-2 Ma, Suli M.Sc. Analyses of Physician Visits From Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors    J. Hu
2009-2 Sayre, Eric Ph.D. Variable-Weighted Ultrametric Optimization for Mixed-Type Data: Continuous, Ordinal, Nominal, Binary Symmetric and Binary Asymmetric    L. Weldon
R. Lockhart
2009-2 Wong, Vivien M.Sc. Bayesian Clustering for Synchronized Diving    T. Swartz
2009-2 Jiang, Qifeng M.Sc. On Fitting A Mixture of Two von Mises Distributions, with Applications    M. Stephens
R. Lockhart
2009-1 Kim, Soyean M.Sc. Imputation based on local likelihood density estimation for interval censored survival data with application to tree mortality in British Columbia    C. Dean
L. Zeng
2008-3 Bonner, Simon Ph.D. Heterogeneity in Capture-Recapture: Bayesian Methods to Balance Realism and Model Complexity    C. Schwarz
2008-3 Lin, Lyuao M.Sc. Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of a Combination Hybrid Pension Plan    G. Parker
2008-2 Dai, Yunfeng (Eric) M.Sc. Prediction of graft-versus-host disease based on analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cell data    J. Hu
2008-2 Qian, Wei M.Sc. Goodness-of-fit: a comparison of parametric bootstrap and exact conditional tests.    R. Lockhart
2008-2 Vincent, Kyle M.Sc. Design variations in adaptive web sampling    S. Thompson
2008-1 Lin, Chunfang (Devon) Ph.D. New Developments In Designs For Computer Experiments And Physical Experiments    B. Tang
2008-1 Wu, Huanhuan M.Sc. Statistical Inference For Minimum Inhibitory Concentration Data  Software from the thesis C. Schwarz
2008-1 Li, Feng M.Sc. Ruin Problem In Retirement Under Stochastic Return Rate And Mortality Rate And Its Applications    G. Parker
2007-2 Zhou, Rouwei M.Sc. Actuarial and financial valuations of guaranteed annuity options    G. Parker
2007-2 Lei, Na (Linda) M.Sc. A Comparison of Algorithms for Sampling from a Distribution    R. Sitter
2007-2 Vrecko,  Dean M.Sc. Efficient Designs of Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials    R. Altman
2007-2 Ranjan, Pritam Ph.D. Factorial and Fractional Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions - A Projective Geometric Approach    D. Bingham
2007-2 Linkletter, Crystal Ph.D. Spatial Process Models for Social Network Analysis    R. Sitter
2007-2 Ainsworth, Laurie Ph.D. Models and Methods for Spatial Data: Detecting Outliers and Handling Zero-inflated counts    C. Dean
2007-2 Nielsen, Janson D. Ph.D. Spline Models for the Analysis of Recurrent Event Panel Data    C. Dean
2007-1 Xing, Li M.Sc. Hierarchical Segmented Regression Models with Application to Wood Density Analysis    C. Dean
2007-1 Lui, Lucy M.Sc. Bayesian Analysis of Dyadic Data Arising in Basketball    T. Swartz
2007-1 Muthukumarana, Saman M.Sc. Bayesian Modelling and Software Development for the POST Project    T. Swartz
2007-1 Duke, Linnea M.Sc. A Graphical Tool for Exploring SNP-by-Environment Interaction in Case-Parent Trios    J. Graham
2007-1 Wolters, Mark M.Sc. Using Oversized-Model Sets to Find Active Variables in Screening Experiments with Complex Aliasing    D. Bingham
2006-3 Lekivetz, Ryan M.Sc. A New Algorithm for Obtaining Mixed-Level Orthogonal and Nearly-Orthgonal Arrays    D. Bingham
2006-3 Bentley, John M.Sc. Modelling circular data using a mixture of von Mises and uniform distributions    R. Lockhart
2006-3 Buchannan, Seana M.Sc. Factors influencing the early marine ecology of juvenile sockeye salmon (O. nerka) in Rivers Inlet, British Columbia.    R. Routledge
2006-3 Feng, Xin (Cindy) M.Sc. Confidence intervals for proportions with focus on the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey    R. Sitter
2006-2 Chen, Zhijian M.Sc. Approximate likelihood inference for haplotype risks in case-control studies of a rare-disease    B. McNeney/ J. Graham
2006-2 Pratola, Matthew M.Sc. Design on Non-Convex Regions: Optimal Experiments for Spatial Process Prediction    D. Bingham
2006-2 Singh, Gurbakhshash M.Sc. Modeling Aggregated Returns with Application to Segregated Fund Guarantees    G. Parker
2006-2 Lysenko, Natalia M.Sc. Stochastic Analysis of Life Insurance Surplus    G. Parker
2006-2 Ying, Celes M.Sc. Generalized longitudinal data analysis with applications to evaluating hospital utilization based on administrative databases.    J. Hu
2006-2 Zamar, David M.Sc. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Exact inference for binomial regression models.    J. Graham/ B. McNeney
2006-1 Pickard, Darcy M.Sc. Evaluating the effectiveness of rehabilitation actions in creating fish habitat in the Trinity River.    C. Schwarz
2005-3 Nathoo, Farouk Ph.D. Mixture models for spatio-temporal multi-state processes    C. Dean
2005-3 Jiwani, Suman M.Sc. Parametric Changepoint Survival Model with Application to Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Data    C. Dean
2005-3 Summers, Amy M.Sc. Hockey Pools for Profit: A Simulation Based Player Selection Strategy    T. Swartz
2005-2 Lorenzi, Maria M.Sc. Analysis of Occupational Cohort Data Using Exposure as a Continuous Time-dependent Variable    J. Spinelli
2005-2 Ghadessi, Mercedeh M.Sc. A Comparison of Two Logistic Regression Approaches for Case-Control Data with Missing Haplotypes    B. McNeney/ J. Graham
2005-2 Shumansky Karey M.Sc. Comparison of Statistical Methods of Haplotype Reconstruction and Logistic Regression for Association Studies    J. Spinelli/ J. Graham
2005-2 Cowen, Laura Ph.D. Mark-recapture with tag loss   C. Schwarz
2005-2 Shen, Ran (Sandy) M.Sc. A Constrained Joint-Equation Estimation of at-a-station Hydraulic Geometry   C. Schwarz
2005-1 Sayre, Eric M.Sc. An approach to analyzing case-control screening data with an application to digital rectal exam and metastatic prostate cancer.    L. Weldon