Graduate Theses 2015-2019

Semester Student Degree Thesis/Project Supervisor
2019-3 Joel Therrien MSc

The Competing Risks Random Forrest Method for Large-Scale Data

2019-3 Qi (Emma) Wen MSc Prediction for Canadian Federal Election Aided by Canadian Community Health Survey
2019-2 Chenlu Shi PhD Supersaturated Designs for Screening Experiments and Strong Orthogonal Arrays for Computer Experiments
2019-2 Jingdan (Jessica) Li Msc A Multi-State Model for Pricing Critical Illness Insurance Products Y.Lu
2019-2 Wei-Hsiang (Andy) Lin MSc A Moneyness-Adapting Fee Structure for Guaranteed Benefits Embedded in Variable Annuities: Pricing and Valuation.
2019-2 Shijia Wang PhD Advanced Monte Carlo Methods and Applications
2019-2 Ying (Daisy) Yu
MSc Shrinkage Parameter Estimation for Penalized Logistic Regression Analysis of Case-Control Data B.McNeney
2019-2 Kevin Floyd MSc Ain't Played Nobody: Building an Optimal Schedule to Secure an NCAA Tornament Berth T.Loughin
2019-2 Anqi (Angela) Chen MSc
Selecting Baseline Two-Level Designs Using Optimality and Aberation Criteria When Some Two-Factor Interactions are Important
2019-2 Haoyao Ruan MSc Covariance-Adjusted, Sparce, Reduced-Rank Regression with Application to Imaging-Genetics Data J.Graham
2019-2 Mengyang (Chris) Li MSc Statistical Evaluation of Data from the NHL Combine
2019-1 Vinnie Liu MSc Predicting Ovarian Cancer Survival Times: Feature Selection and Performance of Parametric Methods and Random Survival Forests
2019-1 Grace Hsu
MSc Fast Emulation and Calibration of Large Computer Experiments with Multivariate Output D.Bingham
2019-1 Jiarui (Erin) Zhang MSc Multidimensional Scaling for Phylogenetics L.Wang
2019-1 Jingxue (Grace) Feng MSc An Efficient Statistical Method of Detecting Introgressive Events from Big Genomic Data L.Wang
2019-1 Daniel Daly-Grafstein MSc Rao-Blackwellizing Field Goal Percentage
2019-1 Chuyuan (Cherlane) Lin MSc Unsupervised Learning on Functional Data with an Application on the Analysis of U.S. Temperature Prediction Accuracy J.Cao
2018-3 Lasantha Premarathna PhD Partial Stratification in Capture-Recapture Experiments and Integrated Population Modeling with Radio Telemetry C.Schwarz
2018-3 Yunlong (Ben) Nie PhD Development of functional principal components analysis and estimating the time-varying gene regulation network J.Cao
2018-3 Dongdong Li PhD Statistical Inference Using Large Administrative Data on Multiple Event Times, with Applications to Caner Survivorship Research J.Hu
2018-3 Jing Wang MSc Cooperation in Target Benefit Plans: A Game Theoretical Perspective B.Sanders
2018-3 Jennifer Parkhouse MSc Masquerade Detection: A Topic Model Based Approach D.Bingham
2018-3 Jinwan Kim MSc IBNR claims reserving using a compound Poisson INAR(1) model Y.Lu
2018-3 Jianghu (James) Dong PhD Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data with the Application to Kidney Transplant Data J.Cao
2018-2 Peijun (Perry) Sang PhD New method and models in functional data analysis J.Cao
2018-2 Chamara Karunanayaka PhD
Construction of Orthogonal Designs and Baseline Designs B.Tang
2018-2 Yifan (Lucas) Wu MSc Net Best-Ball Team Composition in Golf T.Swartz
2018-2 Yueren Wang MSc DB versus DC: A comparison of total compensation G.Parker
2018-2 Michelle Thiessen MSc Exploring spatio-temporal patterns in emergency department use for mental health reasons from children & adolescents in Alberta, Canada J.Hu
2018-2 Yan (Lillian) Lin  MSc Recurrent Event Models: An Application to Offenders Found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder and their Interactions with the Health Care and Criminal Justice Systems R.Altman
2018-2 Lu Yi
MSc Quantifying Inter-generational Equity under Different Target Benefit Plan Designs B.Sanders/JF.Bégin
2018-2 Di (Adelaide) Wu
MSc A Hierarchical Credibility Approach to Modelling Mortality Rates forMultiple Populations  C.Tsai
2018-2 Yue Ma
MSc Multivariate CACE Analysis with an Application to Arthritis Health Journal Study H.Xie
2018-1 Ran Wang MSc Understanding Multicollineariy in Bayesian Model Averaging with BIC Approximation T.Loughin
2018-1 JinCheol Choi MSc Decomposing the RV coefficient to identify genetic markers associated with changes in brain structure B.McNeney
2018-1 Abdollah Safari PhD The use of submodels as a basis for ecient estimation of complex models R.Altman
2017-3 Charlie (Haoxuan) Zhou MSc Bayesian Integration for Assessing the Quality of the Laplace Approximation D.Campbell/R.Routledge
2017-3 Michael Grosskopf PhD Bayesian methodology for latent function modeling in applied physics and engineering D.Bingham
2017-3 Richard Hsia MSc Ranking and Prediction for Cycling Canada  T.Swartz
2017-3 Sarah Bailey MSc Forecasting Batting Averages in MLB T.Swartz
2017-2 Joanna Zhao MSc Differences in Prescription Drug Use Among 5-year Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer and the General Population in British Columbia, Canada R.Altman
2017-2 Ying Zhang MSc A Multi-Dimensional Bühlmann Credibility Approach to Modeling Multi-Population Mortality Rates C.Tsai
2017-2 Steven Wu MSc Using AI and Statistical Techniques to Correct Play-by-play Substitution Errors  T.Swartz
2017-2 Alex Wang MSc Estimating Conditional Intensity Function of a Neural Spike Train by Particle Markov Chain Monte Carlo and Smoothing  J.Cao/M.Zhou
2017-2 Matt van Bommel MSc Adjusting for Scorekeeper Bias in NBA Box Scores Bornn
2017-2 Trevor Thomson MSc Exploring Distributions of Time to the First Spot Fire J.Hu/J.Braun
2017-2 Derek Qui MSc An Applied Analysis of High Dimensional Logistic Regression  R.Lockhart
2017-2 Dilshani Induruwage MSc Mendelian Randomization as an Instrumental Variables Approach to Causal Inference B.McNeney
2017-1 Zetong Li (Cecilia) MSc Stochastic Modeling and Comparison of Two Pension Plans B.Sanders/G.Parker
2017-1 Tian Li MSc Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis for Non-ignorable Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies L.McCandless
2017-1 Terry Tang MSc Predictive Estimation in Canadian Federal Elections J.Hu
2017-1 Dejie Kong (Katerine) MSc Delta Hedging for Single Premium Segregated Fund G.Parker/B.Sanders
2017-1 Biljana Jonoska Stojkova PhD Bayesian methods for multi-modal posterior topologies  D.Campbell
2017-1 Michael Johnson MSc Analysis of the Bitcoin Exchange Using ParticleMCMC Methods L.Wang
2017-1 Botao Han (Bobby) MSc Analysis of Target Benefit Plan with Aggregate Cost Method G.Parker/B.Sanders
2016-3 Gerald Smith MSc A Shot Quality Adjusted Plus-Minus for the NHL T.Swartz
2016-3 Jiying Wen MSc Penalized Logistic Regression in Case-Control Studies J.Graham
2016-3 Yen-Chen Chen (Jenny) MSc Pricing Defaultable Catastrophe Bondswith Compound Doubly StochasticPoisson Losses and Liquidity Risk C.Tsai
2016-3 Yang Bai (Maple) MSc IBNR claims reserving using INAR processes Y.Lu
2016-3 Khalif Halani MSc Sparse Multivariate Reduced-Rank Regression with Covariance Estimation J.Graham
2016-3 Thilini Surendra MSc Marginal Loglinear Models for Three Multiple-Response Categorical Variables T.Loughin
2016-3 Lidan Zhang (Lucy) MSc A multi-state model for a life insurance product with integrated health rewards program Y.Lu
2016-3 Rajitha Silva PhD Sports Analytics T.Swartz
2016-2 Andrew Henrey PhD Statistical Learning Tools for Heteroskedastic Data T.Loughin
2016-2 Sonja Surjanovic MSc Using Computer Model Uncertainty to Inform the Design of Physical Experiments: An Application in Glaciology D.Bingham
2016-2 Will Ruth MSc On Supervised and Unsupervised Discrimination T.Loughin
2016-2 Moyan Mei MSc A Goodness-of-fit Test for Semi-parametric Copula Models of Right-Censored Bivariate Survival Times  M.Zhou
2016-2 Jack Davis PhD Analysis of Data in Network and NaturalLanguage Formats S.Thompson
2016-2 Megyun Li MSc Analysis of Universal Life Insurance CashFlows with Stochastic Asset Models Y.Lu
2016-1 Dongmeng Liu MSc Bayesian Profile Regression with Evaluation on Simulated Data J.Graham
2015-3 Audrey Béliveau PhD Data integration methods for studying animal population dynamics R.Lockhart/C.Schwarz
2015-3 Harsha Perera PhD Cricket Analytics T.Swartz
2015-3 Huijing Wang PhD Statistical inference under latent class models, with application to risk assessment in cancer survivorship studies J.Hu
2015-2 Sharla Gelfand MSc Understanding the Impact of Heteroscedasticity on the Predictive Ability of Modern Regression Methods T.Loughin
2015-2 Bin Zhao MSc How Does Climate Change Affect ForestFire Rate in British Columbia? J.Cao
2015-2 Bingying Li MSc Threshold-free Measure for Assessing thePerformance of Risk Prediction withCensored Data Q.Zhou
2015-2 Xiang (Ivy) Luan MSc A Pseudo Non-Parametric BühlmannCredibility Approach to Modeling MortalityRates C.Tsai
2015-2 Xinying(Serene)Liang MSc Application of linear relation model on mortality immunization C.Tsai
2015-2 Chenlu Shi MSc An approach to constructing good two-level orthogonal factorial designs with large run sizes B.Tang
2015-1 Annie Yu  MSc
Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling of Health Insurance Claims Y.Lu
2015-1 Xiaoli Zhang MSc The Optimal Payment Reduction Ratios for a Catastrophe Bond C.Tsai
2015-1 Yi Xiong MSc Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data for Forest Fire Control J. Hu