USRA 2023

Summer 2023  (Semester 1234)

Project Title/Description Supervisor Student Semester Award Type
Applications of Predictive Analytics in Actuarial Science L. Elliott
Isaac Baguisa 1234 NSERC
Develop a Website for Online Statistical Learning L. Elliott
Qing Yun (Annie) Yao
1234 NSERC
Tree-Based Methods for the Multinomial Logit Model H. Jeong
Bayesian Analysis of Stellar Evolution O. Ward
So Yeon Park
1234 VPRS
A Simulation-Based Approach to Asset Allocation D. Stenning
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Model Based Reinforcement Learning J. Hu Da-Eun (Rachel) Oh 1234 NSERC
Develop Fun Apps for Statistics Teaching (FAST) with R Shiny L. Wang
Samir Arora
1234 VPRS
Exploring the Flipped Classroom in an Introductory Statistics Course B. Lin ixuan Gao 1234 VPRS