I've applied, What's next?


Maximize your chances of an early offer of admission by following these steps to complete your application. 

Your student center

Log in to goSFU

If you have received your student number and password:

Log in to goSFU using your student number. Here you will find your to-do list showing all of the documents required to complete your application.

If you have not yet received your student number and password:

Wait for our email telling you what they are.  You may also want to check your Junk Mail folder in case your email provider filed it there.  Applicants with Hotmail, Outlook, and email addresses have experienced problems receiving SFU email: check Email Problem and complete the form to change your email address on our files.

Submitting documents 

Submit documents

Send supporting documents for your admission application, as listed on the to-do list on your student center.

Visit our documents website for details as to how to submit all required documents.

Have you been offered admission?

Congratulations! See our site for new undergraduates for a guide to what to do next.

When can I receive an update on my application status?

Once you have submitted all of your required documents, it can take some time for our Admissions team to thoroughly evaluate your application. Application status updates will appear on your Student Center (goSFU):

  • Spring term (January): Admission offers are made from September to November.
  • Summer term (May): Admission offers are made from December to March.
  • Fall term (September):
    Admission offers to high school applicants are made from January to June.
    Admission offers to post-secondary transfer applicants are made from March to June.

I am having trouble accessing my account on goSFU

If you have forgotten your password, please call or email us for assistance. Our Registrar and Information Services office will be happy to assist you: | 778-782-6930

Have you received my documents?

When we are in a busy processing period, it may take up to six weeks for your Student Center to be updated with your documents. Documents that have been received and/or processed will have been checked off on your Student Center To-Do List on goSFU.


Check our admission requirements for information on courses required for admission. Contact us at 778.782.6930 or via our web form.

Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship Program

Applying for an SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship?


October 1 – December 15:
Complete the online Entrance Scholarship application

The Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship application deadline has been extended to Monday, December 20, 11:59PM PT.

January 31:
All admission and scholarship application supporting documents must be submitted.

January 31:
Submit grade information for admission 

  • BC/Yukon High Schools – self-report your grades. Note: All other applicants – includes CAN12
  • IB applicants - submit IB Predicted Grades form
  • All other applicants - submit an official transcript

BC/Yukon high school applicants

Self-report your grades

All BC/YUKON high school students applying to the fall term must self-report their grades. If we have not received your grades by the deadline, your application will be cancelled. The self-reporting portal will open on January 4.

Where do I report? 

Log in to goSFU using your student number as your computing ID. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact Registrar and Information Services at 778.782.6930.

Select the "Self-Reported Grades" link at the bottom of the main page.

Deadlines to self-report

  • SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship applicants: January 31
  • Applicants to the Beedie School of Business: February 7
  • Applicants to the Sustainable Energy Engineering program: February 7
  • All other applicants: March 31

What do I report?

Final marks for grade 11 courses and interim or final marks for grade 12 courses. All online courses must be complete and graded by the end of the school year in June to be used towards Fall admission.

Courses where a grade of Transfer Standing (TS) has been received, should be reported at TS.

Need Help Self-Reporting?

Download our step-by-step flowchart here.

If you do not yet have interim grade 12 marks: please report your final grade 11 mark  in place of your grade 12 mark. For example, if you have completed Chemistry 11 with a grade of 87% and are taking Chemistry 12 but do not yet have a grade available, self-report Chemistry 11 with the 87%, and also self-report Chemistry 12 with a grade of 87%.

Complete the Student Transcript Form 

All BC/YUKON secondary students applying to the Fall term must log into the Student Transcripts Service Dashboard on the Ministry of Education Website to register for a BC Government account (a BCeID). Once registered, students need to request that a transcript is sent to Simon Fraser University on the StudentTranscript Service (STS) Dashboard.

Completing this information ensures the Admissions office will receive your official interim grades directly from the Ministry of Education.

Ensure you have completed the STS form by February 28.

Other Canadian high school applicants


All Canadian secondary school applicants

All applicants are required to submit an interim transcript showing final grades for grade 11 and a list of in-progress and planned grade 12 courses via the online form.  

Ontario secondary school applicants

Please ensure that you have provided us with your OUAC number as this will allow SFU to receive your transcripts electronically.  If you have applied, and still need to provide us with your OUAC number, please do so here.

If you do not have an OUAC number, please submit your final grade 11 transcript and grade 12 in-progress and planned courses via the online form. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma students applicants

IB predicted grades form and deadlines 

Please have your school counsellor submit the IB predicted grades form.

Deadline for receipt of predicted grades

  • Entrance Scholarship applicants: January 31
  • Applicants to the Beedie School of Business: February 7
  • Applicants to the Sustainable Energy Engineering program: February 7
  • All other applicants: February 28

Applicants outside of Canada

Submit your transcript and deadlines

US secondary school applicants

Please submit an interim transcript showing final grades for all courses completed and a list of courses currently in progress. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the SAT/ACT admission requirement is optional. If you have written the test the Admissions Office encourages you to submit your results with your application. (SAT institution sending code 0999; ACT institution sending code 5374). Detailed information is available at:

All other high school applicants

Please visit for detailed information on the documents required.

Deadlines for receipt of interim transcripts

  • Entrance Scholarship applicants: January 31
  • Applicants to the Beedie School of Business: February 7
  • Applicants to the Sustainable Energy Engineering program: February 7
  • All other applicants: February 28

College/University transfer

Submit your transcript and review to-do list

Please submit a transcript showing final marks for courses completed and a list of courses in progress by the deadline noted on your To-Do List. If you are currently enrolled in courses, you will be required to send us another transcript as soon as those final marks are available.


  • May 15

Email address issue

If you used,,, or, you may not be receiving official SFU emails. See recommendations …

Change your program

If you have not yet started your studies at SFU, use our program change form to change your primary or alternate program choice.