The French Cohort Program (FCP) offers you the opportunity to study in Canada’s two official languages. This multidisciplinary program, taught primarily in French, leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, French, and History.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

While studying topics such as international diplomacy, Canadian policy and the French language, you will not only learn theory, you will apply it through hands-on community projects and bilingual job opportunities.

After being fully immersed in a European or Quebecois setting during your third-year student exchange, you will come back inspired and ready to take on life.

You will reap the benefits of attending a large university, while experiencing a personalized education: French language supportexclusive bursariesstudent life in French, access to a dedicated space for students who speak French, a full-time student advisor for the FCP ... and of course, your cohort, the small group (20-30 students) that will become your university family.

What’s more, this bilingual program offers a world-class education delivered by a team of dedicated instructors who are recognized in their fields and whose range of expertise exemplifies the rich diversity of international Francophonie.

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