Genomics draws upon its multidisciplinary roots in molecular genetics, chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering; and involves the generation and analysis of large quantities of DNA and protein sequence data, as well as data concerning the function of the genome.

Credential: Certificate

The Genomics certificate is offered by the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry within the Faculty of Science.

Academic Calendar:

Career possibilities

The world is changing rapidly and you have no way of knowing the full range of career opportunities available to you in the future. Graduates of this program may end up in a range of occupations, including these:

  • Agronomist
  • Animal Scientist
  • Assistant Scientist
  • Bacteriologist
  • Biochemist
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Biomedical Researcher
  • Chemistry Technician
  • Clinical Lab Technician
  • Educator
  • Fish and Wildlife Technician
  • Food Technologist
  • Forensic Biotechnologist
  • Forensic Specialist
  • Genetics
  • Genetics Counsellor
  • Grad School Student (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Naturopathy, Veterinary)
  • High School Teacher
  • Medical Lab Technician 
  • Molecular biologist
  • Parasitologist
  • Pathologist
  • Public Health Microbiologist
  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Quality Control Microbiology Analyst
  • Research Assistant
  • Scientific Journalist
  • Taxonomist
  • Technical Analyst
  • Virologist

How to apply

The certificate program

You may add a certificate program to any major. Speak to your faculty advisor.