Gender-Affirming Care

Find support from doctors and nurses you as you make informed choices and changes.

  • Learn to self-inject in a supportive environment, 
  • Learn about oral vs. injectable hormone options
  • Talk about chest binding concerns with the nurse
  • Receive a referral for top/bottom surgery (both now done locally) after discussing the process with one of our doctors

Health & Counselling doctors can do a Hormone Readiness Assessment to help you decide if hormone therapy is for you. Then, if you have decided to start oral or injectable estrogens, testosterone blockers, progesterone therapy, or testosterone, you will be guided step by step along the way. Read more about hormone therapy.

If you're interested in receiving hormone injections, talk to a doctor at the clinic and book with a nurse for weekly injections and/or to learn to self-inject.

  • You may also be referred to see another doctor elsewhere, for example: an endocrinologist.