We are a student-led group that works directly with SFU Health & Counselling to destigmatize mental health and encourage access to supports and services across the university and beyond.

Who We Are

We are SFU students from many different faculties and we are passionate about mental health and reducing stigma. By having open, relevant conversations with students and inviting others to do the same, we hope to shed light on just how common mental health concerns are so students struggle less alone and find support as they need it. 

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What We Do

We meet, we host, we chat and we create a supportive community together.

Despite discussions surrounding mental health increasing over the years, the “job” is not done. Reducing stigma is ongoing. We value and encourage open conversation and authentic dialogue, and aim to create a safe space for students to learn more and share with us and each other. 

Stigma around mental health often prevents people from seeking treatment or talking about their problems. Through events, workshops, and authentic conversations we aim to make students feel less alone and comfortable enough to find support if – and when – they need it.

We do and host things like:

  • Community movie nights
  • Special speaker series
  • Positive mental health reminders
  • Videos and livestreams

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Our Values

We follow this set of values in our planning, programming, and relationships with each other and our community:


We recognize and appreciate that reducing stigma can be harder for some people and communities than others.


We aim to always be authentic and vulnerable in our discussions.


We strive to always be learning and open to learning ways to support, listen, and encourage others.


We will keep talking about mental health and let the conversation evolve and grow as we evolve and grow.

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