July 4th, 2023

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently announced a new temporary public policy which allows eligible foreign workers to study without a study permit. Please visit the IRCC webpage: Public policy allowing some work permit holders to study without a study permit for more information.

You may work on campus without a work permit if you meet both of the following requirements:

  • you hold a valid study permit that includes a condition stating you may work on campus
  • you are enrolled as a full-time student

Exception: If you are studying part-time in your final term of study, you may be eligible to work on campus in that term provided that you meet the specific criteria outlined by IRCC. To review the criteria for working on campus if you are studying part-time in your final term, please visit the IRCC website here.

Please refer to our enrollment requirements for international students to see how SFU defines full-time enrollment.

“On campus” is defined by IRCC as employment facilities within the boundaries of the campus. SFU students are permitted to work at any of the three SFU campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver or Surrey). Your employer may be SFU (temporary assignments), a faculty member, the Student Society, yourself (e.g. private tutoring), or a private business or private contractor providing services to the institution on the campus.

You may also encounter the term “Work Study” - these positions are restricted to students who have demonstrated financial need (see the Financial Aid website for details). Not all on-campus jobs are Work Study.

Get help with the job search process

If you are seeking a job on campus, SFU Career and Volunteer Services offers a variety of resources and services to assist you, including job postings, resume help, advice on the job search and interview process, and more.