Telecommunications companies in Canada offer many different plans and packages for students. When deciding on a plan, you are encouraged to explore different options and determine what is best for your individual needs.

Cell Phone Plans and SIM Cards

There are three major national telecommunications companies in Canada*, each of which offers a variety of mobile phone plan options, including prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plans: 

To activate a phone plan with one of their Canadian networks, you will need a mobile device and a SIM card. SIM cards connect a mobile device to the company's network in Canada so users can call, text, and use data. You can purchase a mobile device or bring your device.

Other smaller mobile providers are also available in Canada:

Activating a SIM card and phone plan during self-isolation

Consider adding an international plan before departing for Canada so you can use your cell phone upon arrival, or you have the following options to consider:

Bring Your Own Device*

Have a SIM card delivered; select and activate a phone plan online. 

Purchase a Device*

Have a phone and SIM card delivered; select and activate a phone plan online. 

Visit the company websites to ensure that your mobile device will be compatible. Phone companies usually don't conduct credit checks for prepaid plans, but may do so for monthly plans involving a term contract.
*The content on this page is for students' information and reference only. SFU is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the specific companies listed. We encourage students to seek more information in order to determine which companies and products are best suited to their needs.