Important Documents

Before your departure, make sure that all your important documents are in order. Make photocopies of important original documents and leave one copy with your family or friends at home and keep the other copy in your suitcase, separate from the original documents that you must carry with you. These are typical documents you might expect to bring with you to Canada:

  • Valid passport and/or official government-issued identification
  • Letter of Introduction confirming the approval of your Study Permit from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate
  • Temporary Resident Visa (if required for your country)
  • SFU admission letter
  • Proof of funds available
  • Proof of a medical exam taken for the purposes of obtaining Canadian immigration documents
  • Marriage certificate and/or proof of common-law status (if applicable)
  • Identification document with photo
  • International driver’s license, driving insurance records, vehicle registration and insurance papers (if applicable)
  • Credit card(s)
  • Two years of official school records for your school-age children (if applicable)

Clothing and Household Items

Vancouver has one of the most temperate climates in Canada, with much milder winters than those experienced by other major Canadian cities. Check out The Weather Network for typical temperatures throughout the year.

Many household items are included in residence housing. For a complete list of what is included and what you should bring, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Housing website. If you will be living off-campus, check with your landlord to see what is/is not included in your housing.