About the TLC

Who we are

The Teaching and Learning Centre consists of education and technology professionals who support SFU instructors and academic units in the development and delivery of innovative approaches designed to enhance their students' learning experiences. We provide educational consultation, technical and pedagogical services, assistance with course and curriculum development, and professional development opportunities.

We are part of the teaching and learning support network and a university-wide cultural shift towards a greater emphasis on teaching and learning. Our activities include general and discipline-specific approaches. We partner with other members of the university community on all three campuses to promote and celebrate the creative culture of teaching and learning. We engage in internal and external partnerships to support institutional strategic priorities.

What we can do for you

Our programs and services are available to all SFU instructors, staff, and TAs/TMs. We offer regular workshops and presentations on many teaching-related topics. In addition, we offer personalized support, incorporating both general and discipline-specific approaches, for teaching and learning initiatives by individual instructors. Our team includes specialists in a variety of areas:

We aim to be a “one-stop, one-step” resource—where SFU instructors and programs receive the assistance they seek from the first TLC person they contact or definitely by the next step within SFU’s teaching and learning support network.

How you can learn more

You can stay informed about the TLC and our current activities in several ways: