TLC mission and priorities


The Teaching and Learning Centre's mission is to enable faculty members and instructional staff to provide high-quality learning experiences for SFU students on all three campuses. Our activities include general and discipline-specific approaches, and we engage in internal and external partnerships to encourage exploration, provide leadership and support institutional strategic priorities.

We promote a number of goals:

  • Foster a positive community and culture around teaching and learning as we communicate initiatives and practices by collaborating with academic and administrative departments, instructors, staff, and students
  • Enable growth, independence, and a scholarly approach to teaching for future and current instructors at various points in their careers by responding to the evolving needs and issues regarding teaching and learning at SFU
  • Support the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of effective teaching and learning experiences
  • Encourage and assist exploration, innovation, and creativity in teaching and learning


Our 2013–2018 strategic plan was completed in February 2013.

This plan is built on our original mission, which was established in September 2010 and contains a number of key elements:

  • Establish and enact activities within all Faculties towards accomplishing their teaching-enhancement and curricular priorities
  • Experiment with pilot projects at the institutional and Faculty levels to better address instructor interests (e.g., teaching circles, peer mentoring) and innovations in diversifying the learner's experience
  • Improve learning technology support, training, and reference materials, and raise awareness of possibilities using classroom and online technologies and educational media
  • Increase faculty involvement with the TLC through initiatives such as Faculty Associate appointments
  • Refine support and consultations on Canvas, SFU's new Learning Management System
  • Contribute to the university-wide project led by the Senate Committee on University Teaching and Learning to create teaching and course evaluation options and related guidelines
  • Focus our programming and reference materials for instructors on specific considerations related to students’ learning experiences (e.g., English as an additional language, teaching large classes, experiential learning, academic integrity)
  • Complete renovations, staffing and refinement of our mission
  • Continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal processes
  • Continue to improve our relations with the university community and leveraging expertise through collaboration and partnerships