Barbara Berry

Educational Consultant, Faculty of Health Sciences, SIAT


Barbara Berry received her MA in adult, administrative and higher education from the University of British Columbia, and a B.N.Sc. from Queen's University in Kingston, Ont. As an educational consultant in the TLC, Barbara has provided learning design services to the Faculty of Health Sciences since 2006. She supported the TechOne Program instructional teams between 2007 and 2010 and continues to consult with SIAT on course design and curriculum-related initiatives.


Barbara's interests include learning design; technology-supported, networked learning environments; and student assessment. Her professional experience includes community planning, program evaluation, e-learning, facilitation, strategic planning and curriculum mapping in the public and private non-profit sectors. She is a member of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, and the Canadian Public Health Association, and she holds a practising nursing licence with the College of Nurses of British Columbia.

Selected Publications

Ben Youssef, B., & Berry, B. (2011). Learning to think spatially in an undergraduate interdisciplinary design context: A case study. International Journal of Technology and Design Education.

Ben Youssef, B., Berry, B., & Sjoerdsma, M. (2012). Teaching first-year interdisciplinary students to use computational design software in the context of a spatial thinking course. InProceedings 2012 IEEE/IEDEC Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference. Santa Clara, CA. Selected as best conference paper.

Berry, B., McCracken, J., Dill, J., Sjoerdsma, M., Ben Youssef, B., & Erhan, H. (2009). Engaged faculty yields engaged students. Paper presented at the First Year in Focus Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Erhan, H. L., Ben Youssef, B., & Berry, B. (2012). Teaching spatial thinking in design computation contexts: Challenges and Opportunities. In Ning Gu and Ziangyu Wang (Eds.),Computational Design Methods and Technologies: Applications in CAD, CAM and CAE Education (chapter 21). IGI Global.

Erhan, H., Ben Youssef, B., Sjoerdsma, M., Dill, J., Berry, B., & McCracken, J. (2008). Spatial thinking and communicating: A course for first-year university students. In Proceedings 2008 CDEN/RCCI International Design Engineering Conference. Halifax, NS.