Session 2C: Advocating with Impact

Businesses of Tomorrow: Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion

Time and Date: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturday May 6th
Session Type: Workshop
Facilitator: Aileen McManamon

Diversity matters. It makes businesses stronger. It makes communities stronger. It makes the economy stronger. It's the way businesses and public institutions of the future are building strength. Improving diversity is more than expanding the talent pool – it better reflects communities and customer bases, enhances employee satisfaction, increases innovation and improves decision-making at all levels of business. This workshop provides current and aspiring leaders with the tools and skills to leverage the power of diversity within their organization. You will learn about the four qualities of an inclusive leader, do a self-assessment to determine how much of an inclusive leader you are and learn how to translate this knowledge from the workshop to the workplace. We will uncover myths, explain unconscious bias, and share some great examples and best practices of inclusive leadership. You will leave this workshop with an action plan to become a more inclusive leader and a better understanding of the benefits of diversity and how it can be used to strengthen your business or organization.

Aileen McManamon, is a Women’s Enterprise Centre Entrepreneur in Residence. She is the Founding Partner of 5T Sports Group, a management consultancy that works with professional sports teams to improve their triple bottom line, ensuring economic, environmental and social returns from their operations. The firm has a particular focus in implementing environmentally and socially responsible business practices.  Her field of play has included the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Nürburgring Classic, Winter Olympic Games, Minor League Baseball, the NFL, Major League Soccer and numerous skiing World Cups. On the sponsor side, she has worked with global brands including FIAT, Alfa Romeo, General Motors, Molson, EA Sports, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Hewlett Packard. 

Aileen is passionate about leveraging sports for sustainable development, and has delivered local & diversity procurement programs, most recently for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and 2015 Canada Winter Games.  She is an ongoing advocate for diversity and inclusion and a long-time champion of women entrepreneurs and women's business organizations.  She is also the project leader of the Supplier Diversity Canada program, an Initiative of Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Aileen brings her entrepreneurial experience and knowledge to Women’s Enterprise special projects and directly to WEC clients as a business advisor. In particular Aileen helps clients with marketing and technology issues in their businesses.