Advocating with Impact Track


Time and Date: 10:15-11:15 AM on Saturday May 6th 
Session Type: Panel
Panelists: Lianna Mah (Moderator), Janet Sinclair, Shari Graydon, Kerry Gibson, Kory Wilson and Brittany Zenger 

Diversity is necessary to remain innovative and competitive in today’s market, however, unconscious bias acts as a barrier to equality in the workplace, affecting the way marginalized groups are judged during recruitment, performance reviews, mentorship and promotions. Biases help us make quick judgements and are formed by our cultural environment and personal experiences. They are often not easy to recognize in ourselves. How do you actively question your own biases and the biases of the people around you? How do you advocate for diversity in your organization and support underrepresented groups on a daily basis? How do you make the most out of your organization’s diversity policies? Can eliminating workplace bias be as simple as interrupting it.

Time and Date: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM on Saturday May 6th
Session Type: Workshop
Facilitator: Aileen McManamon

Diversity matters. It makes businesses stronger. It makes communities stronger. It makes the economy stronger. It's the way businesses and public institutions of the future are building strength. Improving diversity is more than expanding the talent pool – it better reflects communities and customer bases, enhances employee satisfaction, increases innovation and improves decision-making at all levels of business. This workshop provides current and aspiring leaders with the tools and skills to leverage the power of diversity within their organization. You will learn about the four qualities of an inclusive leader, do a self-assessment to determine how much of an inclusive leader you are and learn how to translate this knowledge from the workshop to the workplace. We will uncover myths, explain unconscious bias, and share some great examples and best practices of inclusive leadership. You will leave this workshop with an action plan to become a more inclusive leader and a better understanding of the benefits of diversity and how it can be used to strengthen your business or organization.


Time and Date: 3:00-4:00 PM on Saturday May 6th
Session Type: Panel
Panelists: Sheryl Staub-French (Moderator), Sandy Eix, Michael Unger, Tina Strehlke, Melisa Yestrau and Rachel Schoeler

To inspire and engage the next generation of scientists, engineers and tech entrepreneurs, involvement in outreach is essential. Parents, teachers and mentors have the greatest impact on whether kids choose to pursue STEM and therefore they play a critical role in outreach. Educating adults in the fields of science, engineering and technology will not only provide better role models for the next generation but also lead to a shift in the societal perception of who is capable of being leaders and succeeding in STEM. How do you use outreach activities to make STEM accessible to everyone, no matter their educational background or age? How do you break the stereotype that suggests math and science are difficult, boring or better suited for men and boys? This session is targeted at outreach groups looking to expand their audience to adults and STEM professionals who want to become involved in outreach.