Session 3B: Entrepreneurship

Communicating Your Message

Time and Date: 3:00-4:00 PM on Saturday May 6th 
Session Type: Workshop
Facilitator: Kaylee Byers

Communicating your research, ideas or venture effectively can help you get a job, publish your research, obtain funding and even influence people. Making your work accessible to different groups is an extremely important skill to have, especially when you have to address non-expert audiences. However, turning off your professional jargon or compiling decades of work into an elevator speech isn’t always easy. How do you make your message more accessible to the public? How can you make your message more engaging? Leave with effective communication techniques that will help you tailor your message to your target group.

Kaylee Byers is a PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia and a passionate science communicator. Kaylee's research is part of the Vancouver Rat Project where she studies urban rats, their parasites, and the diseases they carry. When she's not trapping rats in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, she co-organizes Nerd Nite Vancouver a local outreach initiative that combines seminar-style lectures with beer. Kaylee is a Vanier Scholar, UBC Public Scholar, and recipient of the Gilles Brassard Doctoral Prize for Interdisciplinary Research. Kaylee is also a "pretend" scholar of wine.