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We facilitate workshops and programs designed to engage instructors at all stages of their teaching careers, from TAs and new instructors, to educational leaders who serve as mentors to their peers.


We provide individual and departmental consultations for all areas and all modalities of teaching development, assessment strategies, inclusive teaching practices and curriculum design and renewal.


We design custom workshops for departments on request, and provide assistance with Canvas course designs and multimedia such as videos, lightboard, graphics and animations.

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Teaching Innovation Story

"I hoped to create videos that not only captured students’ attention, but also promoted their active engagement with the videos (not just a passive viewing of them). I also wished to use an animation style, as many students in my course are familiar with Japanese animations. Even though the term “interactive video” was in my mind, I was struggling to figure out what an “interactive video” looked like."
Dr. Naoko Takei, Senior Lecturer, Department of World Languages and Literatures

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