Innovative Teaching Development for Instructors & Academic Units

Teaching resources

NEW! TA Hub | The TA Hub is a virtual resource created to help SFU TAs strengthen their teaching, leadership and interpersonal skills. 

New Faculty Survival Kit (PDF) | Quick links and easy instructions to teaching resources, policies and support at SFU. 

Recording Methods and Procedures (PDF) | How to record in-person lectures on video

What is Blended Learning? (PDF) | See an infographic overview.

Online Learning Support
Start here for an overview.

Support for international teaching assistants (ITAs)
Find workshops, online resources, and more.

Virtual Global Learning
Options for online intercultural and global learning.

Online Learning resource collections in Canvas:

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Our mission

To collaborate with SFU’s learning and teaching community to inspire and support innovative, inclusive and reflective teaching approaches that create enriched and engaging learning experiences for students.