TA Day


TA Day is SFU’s peer learning event for both new and experienced teaching assistants. Meet your colleagues and get information and advice from seasoned TAs and other members of SFU’s instructional community.


TA Day is presented by the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) with support from the Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE). During this peer-led event, you will find out about campus resources, gain knowledge from experienced TAs, develop skills and build confidence for your teaching support roles. Workshops may be delivered online and in-person. Advance registration is recommended.

What to expect 

TA day sessions are facilitated by experienced teaching assistants who share advice with TAs new to SFU. You will participate in interactive online sessions.

Typically offered in September and January.

Past Events


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Current and future Teaching Assistants (TAs).

Date and Time

TA Day is held every Spring and Fall semester, typically during the first week of classes. 


Typically offered virtually

Upcoming Sessions

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