Digital Learning Showcase


What will your SFU teaching and learning environment look like in 2024 and beyond?


Digital learning technology has disrupted traditional education practices for over two decades—but the events of the past few years have accelerated the pace of change exponentially. 

The Centre for Educational Excellence invites you to share how technology has changed your understanding of teaching and learning in online, blended or face-to-face courses. 

Join your colleagues to explore what has and what has not been working and what risks might be worth taking a chance on as we move forward into a new era of higher education. 

What to expect 

Three to four presentations with similar themes will be organized into panels. Each participant will give a 10-minute presentation.

Following each group of 10-minute presentations, there will be a 15-minute, moderated discussion with the presenters.

Typically offered in March.

Past Events

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Digital Learning Showcase 2023: Learning Spaces of Today and Tomorrow

Student Engagement & Motivation 
Presenters in this stream will focus on approaches and tools used for building community and interactivity in digital spaces that promote student participation and success. 
Sample topics include: 

  • Asynchronous discussions - forum or with audio/video 
  • Students as content contributors (e.g., podcast, H5P) 
  • Alternative environments (e.g. virtual labs, simulations) 
  • Collaborative projects and co-authoring tools (e.g. Office 365, wikis) 
  • Involving the wider academic community (e.g. course hashtags, blogging) 
  • New/revised ways of assessments 

Digital Literacy, Equity, & Accessibility 
Presenters in this stream will explore strategies for developing digital literacy, as well as equity and accessibility in digital learning environments. 
Sample topics include: 

  • Mobile-friendly design in Canvas 
  • Incorporating Universal Design for Learning principles 
  • Mitigating the digital divide

Digital Care & Well-being 
Presenters in this stream will share ideas and good practices for cultivating personal and community wellness as a key component of successful digital learning experiences. 
Sample topics include: 

  • Self-care and time-management in digital learning 
  • Offline work for online learning 
  • Creating community in digital learning spaces


Faculty, instructors and graduate students

Date and Time

Typically offered in March

Proposal deadline is typically six weeks prior to the event


Halpern Centre, Burnaby campus and online

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