Engaging Students with Technology and Multimedia Design

The use of educational technologies and multimedia can help to engage learners, encourage active learning, improve interactions and make course communications more effective. Explore the resource pages below for additional information on how educational media and technologies can be used to promote learning.


Multimedia is communication that combines multiple forms of media, such as text, images, or audio. Along with cognitive and affective engagement, multimedia use has been proven to improve learning effectiveness. 

Teaching with Canvas

SFU's online and blended learning experiences are delivered through our Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas offers a variety of tools and features to help deliver content and foster communication and collaboration within your course.

  • Teaching with Canvas Overview
  • Designing Content
  • Designing Communication
  • Designing Assessments

Other Technology Tools

SFU supports a variety of additional tools beyond those offered within Canvas. When choosing to use external tools, it is important to evaluate how they will add value to students' learning experience.

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For technical support and instructions on how to use external tools, please see our Learning Technology and Media Support page

Selecting Technology Tools  

The SECTIONS model (developed by Tony Bates) provides a framework that can be used to help you identify which technology/ies to use in your online or blended course. The following resources may also be helpful:


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