Faculty Guide to Teaching

Assessing and Documenting Your Teaching

Course Experience Surveys, Peer Assessment of Teaching, Teaching Dossiers

Course Experience Surveys

  • The Course Experience Surveys program is SFU’s online end-of-term course survey program. It collects, analyzes, and disseminates student perceptions and opinions about their learning experience in a course.
  • Instructors have the opportunity to add four questions to each survey per course. The responses from the instructor-selected questions are only reported to the instructor.
  • You will be receiving emails throughout the semester to guide you through the evaluation process.
  • To log in and see your evaluations, go to:

Assessment of Teaching Growth and Excellence

SFU is developing a more holistic approach to teaching assessment that uses multiple forms of evidence collected over multiple time points. This initiative is led by the AVP, Learning and Teaching, with support from the Centre for Educational Excellence.

CEE supports individual instructors both in their development and in their documentation of teaching growth and innovation. CEE also supports units as they develop teaching assessment frameworks that reflect the holistic, multiple voice assessment approach. The following documents support units through this process.

Celebrating Teaching Excellence