Faculty Guide to Teaching

Your Teaching Mentors: CEE and Your Faculty Teaching Fellow

Centre for Educational Excellence, Faculty Teaching Fellow

The Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE) collaborates with SFU’s learning and teaching community to inspire and support innovative, inclusive and reflective teaching approaches that create engaging learning experiences for students.

We facilitate workshops, provide individual consultations on course and curriculum design, provide educational technologies, facilitate online course design and course development (including graphic design, video and audio production), support the assessment of teaching and courses, and design custom programs to meet the needs of departments and Faculties.

Our programs are designed to engage instructors at all stages of their teaching careers, from teaching assistants and instructors new to teaching, to educational leaders who pursue teaching inquiry and serve as mentors to peers in their departments. To connect with us, please book a consult via our webform.

Types of Teaching Support We Offer

  • Department Level Consultation – curriculum development or renewal, preparation for program review, setting educational goals and ensuring course alignment through curriculum mapping, consultations on decolonizing and Indigenizing the entire curriculum of a particular program. We offer custom teaching workshops tailored to the discipline specific needs of departments and Faculties.
  • Individual Instructor Consultation – We offer extended teaching consultation sessions for instructors as well as provide solid answers for quick questions through CEE’s support portal.
  • Teaching Workshops, Programs and Certificates – offered for faculty and teaching assistants, ranging from two to 80 hours, on a wide variety of topics from course design, blended learning, active learning, inclusive teaching, supporting multilingual learners, teaching assessment and teaching dossiers. Encourage your teaching assistants and international TAs to participate in our TA and ITA training programs.
  • Online Course Development – If you are teaching a new, fully online or blended course, our teams can work with you during the course design process to choose the most effective approaches to online student engagement, build your course site, create interactive graphics or media, and incorporate educational technology tools or learning apps effectively. To build a full course, please get in touch with us two to three semesters before your course is scheduled to start.
  • Educational Technology and Media Support – Our Learning and Teaching Technology teams are available to provide hands-on support with creating interactive learning objects and media for your course, and help you implement interactive technologies such as clickers or learning apps. CEE’s new media studio will be available for recording lightboard videos.
  • Research on TeachingTransforming Inquiry into Learning and Teaching (TILT). The mandate of Transforming Inquiry into Learning and Teaching (TILT) is to inspire, support, and enhance inquiry into all aspects of teaching and learning at SFU. TILT provides university-wide support for inquiry into teaching and learning including funding opportunities that help faculty explore questions about teaching and learning, apply the findings of their investigation directly to their teaching and share their findings with their colleagues.

Your Faculty Teaching Fellow

Your Faculty Teaching Fellow is an important mentor who can help you become familiar with discipline specific resources and teaching expectations.

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