Faculty Guide to Teaching

Exam Policies

Final Exam Procedures, Missed Exams, Exam Accommodations

Scheduling Exams

No in-class final exams during the term

Final exam grades due date

  • Final exam grades are due 96 hours after the after the exam via the on-line grade roster to Records and Registration.

Final exam procedures (Academic Integrity Office):

What if a student misses an exam?

  • Please check with your departmental manager for the process within your department.
  • Ask students to communicate with you as soon as possible if they miss an exam due to illness. If students miss a final, they may receive a deferred grade (DE) – a temporary notation on their transcript.
  • Any medical absence would ideally be documented with the Certificate of Illness for Academic Concessions (form for undergraduate students).

Do I need to book a room for my exam?

  • Room numbers for final exams are automatically assigned by the Scheduling Department, while midterms are held during class times.
  • For faculty-led online courses (OL), you will need to ask your department to schedule a time. OL exams can be in-person or remote.

How long do exams need to be kept on file after the course ends?

Exam accommodations

  • The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) provides special exam accommodations for qualifying students. CAL will notify you if a student in your course has registered to receive accommodation.
  • If a student requests accommodation, but has not registered with CAL, please refer them as soon as possible.

For procedures on how you will work with CAL to provide them with your exam so that they can administer it to accommodated students, visit