Faculty Guide to Teaching

Academic Integrity

Faculty Guide, Academic Integrity Violations

What do I do if I encounter an academic integrity violation?

How can I prevent academic integrity violations?

How do I educate my students about academic integrity?

  • Articulate key principles of academic integrity in your syllabus, on the first day, and again before exams.
  • The Academic Integrity website has an engaging two minute video that can be played in class or embedded in Canvas to summarize the types of acts that are prohibited (click here to learn how to embed a video in Canvas).
  • The Online Plagiarism tutorial and the new Academic Integrity tutorial from the Library can be embedded in Canvas.
  • Refer to free study skills/writing workshops through the Student Learning Commons.
  • Provide students an alternative to private “editors” that might misrepresent the amount of work completed by the student by referring to WriteAway, which is an SFU approved, 100% online writing support service for undergraduates.
  • You can find a list of hints and tips to share with your students to help them avoid plagiarising here: