New Faculty Resources

Faculty Guide to Teaching

The Faculty Guide to Teaching provides an overview of teaching resources and policies that will help you plan and navigate your teaching responsibilities, along with quick links to websites you will reference frequently such as:

  • Semester dates
  • Exam and grading policies
  • Syllabus guidelines 
  • Accommodation procedure
  • Academic integrity resources

Orientation to Teaching at SFU

The Centre for Educational Excellence’s Teaching Orientation for New Faculty is a one-day event held in person every August, synchronously on all three campuses.

We will help you prepare for common teaching situations through interactive case studies, introduce you to the unique attributes of SFU students and you will learn about the people, resources and technologies available to support your teaching at SFU.   

Upcoming dates are available on our program calendar page.

Your Local Teaching Fellow

Faculty teaching fellows can support you by introducing you to your discipline’s specific teaching context and connecting you with colleagues in your Faculty. Find out who your local faculty teaching fellow is and how to contact them.

Enhance your Teaching

Whether you are a new or experienced instructor, our teaching programs can help you enhance your teaching. Consider starting with one of the following programs:

Mentor Your Teaching Assistants  

Are you teaching a large course and working with teaching assistants (TAs)? The TA Hub is a set of interactive online modules that help can help your teaching assistants prepare for marking, facilitating discussions or leading labs. 

Plan for Your Teaching Assessment at SFU

At SFU, you will participate in a biennial review–an assessment of your teaching, research and service–as applicable–every two years. As part of the multidimensional teaching assessment process, instructors have a chance to reflect on their teaching and explore how students experience learning in their courses.  

Resources on multidimensional teaching assessment are available on our teaching assessment page

Request a Teaching Consultation  

The Centre for Educational Excellence Team is here to help you navigate your first year and help you create inclusive, engaging learning experiences for students. You can reach us any time and request an individual teaching consultation through our webform.