CELLTR continues to collaborate with Faculties to design and implement Post-Entry Language Assessments

August 19, 2019

Over the past three years, CELLTR liaisons have been collaborating with various Faculties to design, develop, and implement post-entry language assessments (PELA) to better identify and support multilingual learners.

The Beedie School of Business has implemented a course-embedded, diagnostic baseline writing assessment in BUS 201 (Introduction to Business) and BUS 202 (Foundations for Collaborative Work Environments). Next, CELLTR and Beedie hope to design follow-up support in the form of individualized communication development programs and writing and language tutorials.

This fall, the Faculty of Health Sciences launched a language and communication pilot initiative, which includes an embedded PELA specifically tailored to newly-admitted health science undergraduates, in HS 130 (Foundations of Health Science). Follow-up support in the form of adjunct tutorials, orientation, training, and monitoring are currently being offered to students.  

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Applied Sciences are currently in the process of developing and implementing a post-entry language assessment in the schools of Economics, Linguistics, Computing Science, Engineering Science, and Mechatronic Systems Engineering.   

If your department or faculty would be interested in collaborating with CELLTR to design and implement a course-embedded language/writing assessment, please contact CELLTR at celltr@sfu.ca


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