Language support, Research, Linguistic diversity

Charting the landscape of language support at Canadian universities, and beyond

May 16, 2016

CELLTR has undertaken a variety of activities to understand the diversity of models of language support in higher educational contexts.  Under the leadership of Dr. Saskia Stille, CELLTR affiliated graduate student researchers Mohsen Moghaddam (Languages, Cultures and Literacies PhD program, Faculty of Education) and Christine Pan (Teaching English as an Additional Language MEd program, Faculty of Education), and Caitlin Stiles (SFU Student Services) conducted a review of approaches to English language teaching and student support at 18 Canadian universities.  The students presented the results of their review to CELLTR, and will present their work again for staff at the Student Learning Commons. 

In collaboration with David Rubeli, Educational Consultant with the Teaching and Learning Centre, the CELLTR team had a virtual meeting with Dr. Sophia Arkoudis, author of the book ‘English Language Standards in Higher Education’ from entry to exit to ask questions around current research and practice in supporting English language development across the disciplines.  In addition, CELLTR affiliated faculty Dr. Saskia Stille and Dr. Valia Spiliotopoulos (Director) will visit the Centre for Applied Linguistics at University College London to further explore approaches to research and programming related to linguistic diversity and higher education in English  medium of instruction settings.

This review supports CELLTR’s aim to understand the effectiveness and differences among the variety of models of language support in university settings.  Further, the work has promoted training and mentorship of graduate students in the fields of applied linguistics and education.

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