Organizing Text Content

Further organization and optimization of page content can make the user experience more enjoyable and helps the audience consume the content the way you intended.

Below you'll learn about creating tables and toggles, adding file downloads, list components for news feeds, and tags and filtering options.


The download component creates a link to a file stored in the DAM of AEM. It automatically determines the file format and displays a corresponding file format icon as part of the download link.

 Design Guidelines

Each download item is an individual component. Create a section for download items, such as a colored block or outline block to place multiple download items. Or place download components below a text area.

 How to

1. Upload your files into the DAM

  • a. Navigate to the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) tab
  • b. Create a new folder or navigate to the folder you wish to upload your files to
  • c. Select New > New file and browse to the files you wish to upload or Drag files from your computer into the folder. Your file should appear in the folder.  
  • d. More information about the DAM

2. Add a download component onto the page from the sidekick under General

3. Drag your file from the DAM list on the left into the download component

4. Edit the download component and add a description to your file, then select ok.