Download Component

The Download component allows you to quickly create a download link for a file stored on your AEM site.

The Download Component will automatically determine the file format and display a corresponding file format icon beside the download link.  A description field allows you to add a caption under the download link.

When should it be used?

Use the Download component whenever you need to display a link for a file stored on your AEM site. (e.g., PDF documents)

Using the Download component is helpful to visitors because this indicates that the link does not go to a web page, but to a file that can be downloaded.

In-Component Editing Options

Description - A short description displayed with the download link

File - Allows you to drag and drop a file from the Content Finder.  Note: Uploading files from this dialogue box is not recommended as it is difficult to where the file is stored.  Uploading a file using the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is recommended.

Example of Download component usage

* blusson_02_590.jpg
Example of a CLF2 Download component

File extensions with associated icons

Word Documents
.doc, .docx : $fa-var-file-word

.eps, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .png, .jpeg : $fa-var-file-image

PDF Files
.pdf + a:before : $fa-var-file-pdf

Powerpoint Presentations
.ppt, .pptx : $fa-var-file-powerpoint

Text Files
.txt + a:before : $fa-var-file-o

Excel Spreadsheets
.xls, .xlsx : $fa-var-file-excel

Compressed Folders
.zip, .rar, .tar + a:before : $fa-var-file-archive

Sound Files
.mp3, .wav, .wma + a:before : $fa-var-file-audio

Movie Files
.mpg, .mov, .mp4 : $fa-var-file-video

Code Files
.css, .js, .html : $fa-var-file-code