Prospective Students

As a student, we understand that you have goals, priorities and plans, and many different ways to achieve these. If you think Co-op might be right for you, here’s what you need to know about joining the program:

Application Requirements

Arts & Social Sciences Undergraduate Student

  • Open to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (either undeclared or declared majors).
  • You are a full-time student (minimum of 9 course units)
  • You’re ready to commit to 3 work terms before you graduate

Academic Requirements

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): (Undergrads) 2.75 or above; students must maintain the minimum requirement of 2.75 CGPA to pursue a Co-op job search.                                      (Masters) 3.0 or above                          
  • Transfer students who don’t yet have an SFU CGPA may apply in their first semester at SFU, but must obtain the minimum requirement of 2.75 CGPA to pursue a Co-op job search.
  • Unit Hours: Recommend to apply after completing 30 units, but before reaching 75 units – the key is to have enough academics to be able to complete at least 3 co-op work terms.
  • More than 74 units: please complete this form, and email it to If your plan is approved you will be encouraged to apply for Arts Co-op.

Work Permit for International Students

International students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before applying to SFU Co-op jobs. Once accepted into the Co-op program, you will be issued a letter to include in your work permit application. We recommend applying for the work permit as early as possible, as processing times can be lengthy.

Arts & Social Sciences Masters Student

Masters students should attend the info-session offered through their department in early or mid September, and apply before the September deadline.

Majority of Masters Co-op students complete a summer work term; however, if your program is flexible and longer than one year, you may want to consider alternate timing. Connect with us to discuss!

In Masters Co-op, students usually complete only one work term, but some students pursue a second Co-op depending on the length of their academic program.

At the Masters level, the Arts & Social Sciences Co-op program is available in:

  • Public Policy
  • Economics
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy 
  • and Urban Studies.

Expectations for students involved in Arts and Social Sciences Co-op:

All undergraduate students must be able to commit to completing three work terms, and Master's students must commit to a minimum of one work term. Some undergraduate students decide to do four or five work terms before they graduate, and in some cases Masters students can complete two work terms.

Students should alternate between work and study semesters. Work terms are usually 4 or 8 months in length, with an 8 month co-op counting as two work terms.

Occasionally, students may not secure a Co-op job in a particular semester. Don't get discouraged - some of the best Arts Co-op students didn’t find jobs right away. Also, some of our best Co-op opportunities are posted in the last few weeks of the semester. Students are also encouraged to conduct their own student-developed work search with support from their Co-op Coordinator.

Acceptance into the program does not guarantee a Co-op work term. Students need to actively apply for posted positions, and employers determine who to interview and hire.

Searching for a Co-op work term is a lot like taking an extra course. Writing cover letters, meeting deadlines, researching organizations, and preparing for and attending interviews takes significant planning, time and effort – but it’s worth it.

Expect to have FUN too! Not only is a Co-op term a welcome break from school, the Arts staff team are here to help you along the way – that means everything from resume feedback, practice interviews, career consultations and check ins during your work terms. There are also great ways for Arts Co-op alumni to stay involved and connected with the program.

Apply by

Work in
June 1st Spring
September 21st (Masters) Summer
October 1st
February 1st Fall

In the semester before your first co-op job search, you will complete the Pre-employment Curriculum: Arts Co-op Orientation, Prepartion for Co-op, and attend a one on one Seeking Evaluation session with an Arts Co-op Coordinator or Student Advisor to finalize your resume.

Interested in Arts Co-op?

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NEW ARTS Co-op Students - Drop-in with a Co-op Advisor
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