Congratulations - You Got a Co-op Job! When your Co-op position has been confirmed by your Coordinator:  

Step 1: Confirmation Email

A placement confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with instructions and guidelines on Co-op Practicum course registration, UPASS Exemption, etc.  

Step 2: Bridging Online II (BOL II)

As soon as your first co-op work term has been confirmed, you should register for Bridging Online II (BOL II) in myExperience.

Step 3: Work Term

Once you begin your work term, consider that in addition to your on-the-job responsibilities, there are four aspects of a co-op position that will ensure you engage in personal and professional development. These are your learning objectives (see below), site visitsupervisor’s evaluation, and work report.

When starting a new job it's important to remember that the people you work for will be your references for future co-ops and full-time employment later on. Treat co-workers and people at every level in the office with the same courtesy and respect that you yourself would like to be treated.  

Furthermore, as an ambassador for SFU at the workplace, you aren't operating as a "free agent" but rather, your behaviour and attitude on the job will affect the reputation of SFU Co-op and may impact on opportunities for future co-op students.

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    Learning Objectives

    Shortly after you begin your workterm you will be instructed to complete an online form in myExperience outlining your work term Learning Outcomes. By setting learning goals and objectives for your workterm, you can more easily measure your on-the-job progress towards achieving them. This form will assist you with identifying the critical skills you wish to achieve – communication, attitude & behaviour, thinking, learning, working with others, adaptability, and responsibility.
    It’s a good idea to meet with your supervisor before completing the form to discuss your outcomes and adapt them as required following your meeting. When your Coordinator conducts your Co-op site visit you will discuss the contents of your Learning Outcomes and your progress.
    You can find some tips for setting effective learning objectives here.
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    Students and their employer/supervisor are contacted by a Coordinator during the work term. If you are working outside the Lower Mainland, your site visit may be conducted over the phone instead of in person.  

    The purpose of the visit is to:  

    • Assess the student's performance 
    • Ensure that both student and employer expectations are being met 
    • Address any issues and concerns raised by the student and/or employer 
    • Discuss the student's learning objectives and work term report 

    If students have any questions or comments before their site visit, they are encouraged to contact an Environment Co-op Coordinator.

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    As part of your co-op practicum course requirements, for each four month work term, you are required to submit a work report and self-evaluation, and your supervisor will complete an online evaluation of your performance.  These documents will form the basis of a pass or fail grade for the co-op practicum course.

    Please view the Work Report Guidelines for more information. Your work report/project may be viewed by others. Please advise your Co-op Coordinator if you have any concerns. Remember, we are only a phone call or email away.

    Review the sample Supervisor Evaluation form to see what skills and qualities your supervisor will be asked to evaluate you on.

    ** Please visit the Forms page for all work term related documents and guidelines. **