Important Dates

New Students

Sustainable Energy Engineering has a MANDATORY Co-op Program and students should attempt to follow the recommended schedule.

Example: Students admitted in the Fall 2019 should be seeking during the Summer of 2020 for Fall 2020 jobs.

If you are unsure of when you should be seeking contact your Co-op Coordinator.

Returning students or transfer students who have spoken with their Coordinator should also note the dates below.

WEEK 1-8

Prospective students who are interested in getting Co-op placement must complete SEE 101 in the Fall semester
(This will include your Bridging Online Co-op course).

WEEK 8-12
Attend the mandatory Cover Letter and Resume Workshops
WEEK 9-13
Book 1 on 1 review session with your coordinator.

Returning Students

WEEK 1-14

Students returning from a co-op should participate in the SEE Debrief Canvas Course.

Seeking Students

Transfer students should contact their Co-op Coordinator if they are unsure of seeking eligibility.

WEEK 1 - 16
Participate in SEE Seeking course on Canvas and apply for jobs on myExperience.

Working Students

WEEK 1-16
Participate in SEE Co-op Work Term course on Canvas - also check your SFU email regularly
WEEK 1-4
Complete placement information and Learning Objectives on myExperience
WEEK 6-12
Site visits with a coordinator will be arranged via your SFU e-mail account (Please remember to check your SFU e-mail for this visit)
Work Report due on Canvas
WEEK 12-14
Go over Supervisor Evaluation with your manager or supervisor - before you leave or start your next work term
Last chance to inform the Co-op office of any Co-op extension beyond your original contract


For all the latest events, check on myExperience.