RE Mountain Secondary School Building Food Security: A hive of students suit up to protect honeybees

September 29, 2020

Bees play a critical role in food security through the pollination of crops and wild plants and yet their populations are declining. RE Mountain Secondary School students, alumni and teachers from the Sustainability Club are hoping to reverse this trend by stewarding a beehive to support local honeybee populations, pollination and biodiversity.

With the guidance and training from their sponsoring teachers and the beekeepers at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the Sustainability Club is building awareness of the important role of bees one hive at a time. Armed with knowledge about animal health regulations, necessary tools and clothing, disease and pest management, students harvest and sell honey to help sustain the operations of the hive.

Raising awareness about environmental issues such as conservation and restoration of our earth, the Sustainability Club has tackled other impressive projects such as aquaponics, removing invasive species, environmental clean-ups and more.

The Faculty of Environment gives a big shout out to RE Mountain’s Sustainability Club. We are impressed with your knowledge, dedication and contributions to building food security and protecting biodiversity.

Read the full report from REMSC here.